Account Cancellation

Account cancellation should be simple and straightforward. forces its users to jump through unnecessary steps to cancel one's account. Upon selecting the 'Cancellation Policy', one is forced to navigate through an additional 3 pages which have nothing to do with the actual...
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Not 100 months, but not bad.

Have a Kirkland Signature battery in my 2004 Chevy Cavalier with 133k miles. Sticker shows the battery made 7/11 and I bought it August 2011. Almost 6 years later, it's mostly working but starting to wane.
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Costco's Bogus Marine Battery Warranty

Costco's 12 month battery is the worst warranty, I've seen! When my 12 month marine failed after 13 months, the folks at Costco said if the battery last 12 months, then at 12 months and one day the battery warranty is over and you are only entitled to receive a "core charge" of $15 !
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Leased Car Cracked Windshield

The 36 month lease on my Chevy Volt was up. Faced with a cracked windshield, I had to decide whether to replace it with OEM glass at the cost of 800 dollars or 300 for an aftermarket equivalent. Note: Ally Financial leased vehicles are not resold at the dealer where they were leased at. Instead,...
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Account Removal Request Denied on

I have an account on and they did not have an option to delete my account like other job sites do (,,,, etc.). I contacted them at and they replied back: "This issue has already been presented to our...
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AMC stubs program is a complete ripoff

The AMC stubs program is a complete ripoff. We joined the program, and have tried to register the card on the AMC website to take advantage of the benefits. When we try to register it states we already are however when we purchase tickets we still get charged the service fee. We have contacted...
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Costco Car Battery Failed at 21 Months

I purchased an Interstate group 78, (model number on battery looks to be 850263), 800 CCA battery purchased 3/30/2015 and now the battery won't hold a charge after 21 months. Costco's warranty is 42 months. Heading to Costco for a free replacement. I can't find this battery on Interstate's...
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2 years Kirkland Batteries

I've been buying Kirkland batteries for my Ford Expedition for the last 8 years or so. I unfortunately have had to replace the battery on average every 2 years. Today my Expo wouldn't start after leaving my emergency lights on for a few minutes. So that means that tomorrow I will be heading to...
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Kirkland batteries compared to Interstate

My Kirkland 100 month group 35 battery bought in Oct 2007, I have just replaced at Costco yesterday Jul 31, 2016 . I have always pushed Kirkland batteries as being the best. I was dismayed to see they now replaced it with an Interstate battery 48 month warranty. I am sad. Is Costco going the way
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Incredible Performance

My wife bought a new Kirkland battery from Costco in December of 2005. 1000 cranking amps/900 cold cranking amps. The purple sticker in the corner on top of the battery says 10/05 ... so I assume it was shipped from the factory in October of 2005. The battery operated fine until December of...
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