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Costco Car Battery Review

The original Kirkland car battery warranty provided 100 months of coverage. At 8 years and 4 months, the pro-rated warranty was so generous, that a majority of customers brought in their battery within the warranty period. In order to preserve profits and its bottom line,...
Costco Car Battery

100 Month Warranty for 12 Month Battery

My 12877 lasted 12 months and 2 weeks. Crap battery and great warranty, which would be fantastic for something less critical like a TV. Have to make sure my jumper cables are close next July when the replacement goes. Warranty replacement went smooth, even without receipt.
Costco Car Battery

No Problem-o

My Kirkland battery is a 2006,, 12873, on 8-27-14 I replaced the door handles on my 1999 dodge avenger , I had the doors open while listening to the radio., when I finished the job I just shut the doors an called it a day. in the morning I had to jump it with a jumper...
Costco Car Battery

Dead after 2 years but thankful for Costco's warranty.

My Costco battery died after 2 years. It actually happened while getting my car serviced so I was not left stranded. This is the shortest life I have ever seen on a battery. I replaced my AC Delco after six years only due to preventitive maintenance. Anyway Costco...
Costco Car Battery

Kirkland and Interstste

Agree the 100k month battery and warranty great. Replacing mine now due to cold weather and it is six years old. And yes, finding interstate has replaced the Kirkland brand in the stores and I see they only now have a 36 month warranty even though price has gone up...
Costco Car Battery

Kirkland Batteries LAST!

I purchased my (2) Kirkland 100 month, group 65 batteries for my 99-F250 diesel and they just now have stared to not hold a charge. I drive in the heat of the desert and the inland heat in San Diego. The truck sits for a couple of months at a time in the winter months since...
Costco Car Battery

Not worth a single star

Same as Pete from battery has a date code of 01/2014. It was purchased in March 2014. Not even a year old. Started acting up the first cold day in January 2015. Barely turns over. It's way too low on cranking amps for the Windsor-Detroit area. My mechanic says...
Costco Car Battery


After charging battery twice I took it back to Costco on July 3, 2013 and they replaced it. They adjusted the price so I didn't have to pay the new increased price. On Sunday, 2-22-15, after returning from Costco for warranty flat tire repair, I parked my van as usual. ...
Costco Car Battery

An early death

Costco 65 battery bought. 11/06/2011 Died today 3/29/2015 . Approx 41 months. Went totally dead overnight. My Ford Expedition does not get used much in the winter, and sat in zero to 20 degree temps during one of the coldest winters ever. However the original motor craft...
Costco Car Battery

9 yr Kirkland

Roday I gave up on my June 2006 Kirkland batt for a 1999 Plymouth Voyager. It has been weak for two years but good enough to start my car after sitting for 3 weeks at a time. But today it didn't have enough juice to crank after having my flashers on for 30 min.
Costco Car Battery

Kirkland auto battery....great!!!

Costco/Kirkland #6 group 25 just showing signs of giving up @ 62 mo. Originally purchase 8/2010. However it has been about 120k+ miles. I concider Kirkland to be a fantastic battery. I get similar performance consistently in each of my 3 vehicles (2 cars, 1larger suv) and....
Costco Car Battery

Kirland Brand battery review

My Kirkland brand battery is just entering its 3rd year and 4th month of service and is starting to show signs of weakness. With all accessories and lights running I notice all the lights dim a bit when I disengage the clutch while coming to a stop. It's a momentary surge...
Costco Car Battery

Is This Product Defective?

I'm on my third battery. Each replacement works fine for roughly a month or two. After that, when I start my car, bam it is dead. I had CAA test the alternator electrical system every thing is fine they charged the battery worked for as few weeks and again dead battery!
Costco Car Battery

Costco Battery

My Kirkland battery bought 5/24/14 was totally dead this AM. Has been fine and driven every day until today. Manufacture date on battery is 11/13. I will get a free replacement since I haven't quite had it 2 years. Costco told me, after 2 years, they will prorate it. I will...
Costco Car Battery

Costco Batteries Rock

My Kirkland 12865 group 35-640 CCA battery packed it in when the last cold front went through. It lasted 43 months (installed 7/2012) so I received 60% back ($40.67). I took the opportunity to upgrade from the 35-640 to the larger Interstate 850232 24F-700 that was not...
Costco Car Battery

Good Price and Warranty

Old Kirkland battery 24-640 lasted 55 months instead of 100 months. Good thing Costco refund the remaining 50%. I bought the new Interstate to replace from Costco again since I have confidence in them backing their warranties.
Costco Car Battery

Interstate Battery

Bought the new Interstate battery from Costco in 2015 late. The old Kirkland one leaked acid all over my Toyota Sienna and died. Now the new interstate battery is starting to form acid at the clamps, etc. Now 2016 March. Anyone have same experience?
Costco Car Battery


My twin group 45 batteries just died. They were Kirklands that i bought in September of 2009. Lots of cranking for a diesel in the winter and I will buy from Costco again. Wife bought a sears die hard for her Mazda 6 and it died (twice so far)
Costco Car Battery

Kirkland batteries compared to Interstate

My Kirkland 100 month group 35 battery bought in Oct 2007, I have just replaced at Costco yesterday Jul 31, 2016 . I have always pushed Kirkland batteries as being the best. I was dismayed to see they now replaced it with an Interstate battery 48 month warranty. I am sad....
Costco Car Battery

Incredible Performance

My wife bought a new Kirkland battery from Costco in December of 2005. 1000 cranking amps/900 cold cranking amps. The purple sticker in the corner on top of the battery says 10/05 ... so I assume it was shipped from the factory in October of 2005. The battery operated...
Costco Car Battery

Don't Let This Happen To You

I replaced my Costco battery with a Costco Interstate battery for a 2005 Honda Odyssey that was starting to have problems starting this vehicle. I just missed the free replacement warranty, but was prorated the remaining months. (No problem here, I just wished that I had...
Costco Car Battery

Was Told To Choose Between Core or Pro-Rated Refund

Bought a Kirkland 100 month limited warranty battery for my 2006 Pilot SUV in 2011. Honda dealership recorded 374 CCF left on it and advised a replacement done for $125 around mid 2015. I took it to a Walmart store to have the Everlast battery as it got the best consumer...
Costco Car Battery

Car Battery Testing Service Would Be Nice

I bought a 100-month Kirkland Group 35 auto battery (item # 12865) about 4 years ago. It apparently doesn't hold a charge any longer, but it may be that my alternator (or other part of the charging system) is not charging the battery. I had the battery tested at Sam's...
Costco Car Battery

2 years Kirkland Batteries

I've been buying Kirkland batteries for my Ford Expedition for the last 8 years or so. I unfortunately have had to replace the battery on average every 2 years. Today my Expo wouldn't start after leaving my emergency lights on for a few minutes. So that means that tomorrow...
Costco Car Battery

Costco Car Battery Failed at 21 Months

I purchased an Interstate group 78, (model number on battery looks to be 850263), 800 CCA battery purchased 3/30/2015 and now the battery won't hold a charge after 21 months. Costco's warranty is 42 months. Heading to Costco for a free replacement. I can't find this...
Costco Car Battery

Not 100 months, but not bad.

Have a Kirkland Signature battery in my 2004 Chevy Cavalier with 133k miles. Sticker shows the battery made 7/11 and I bought it August 2011. Almost 6 years later, it's mostly working but starting to wane.
Costco Car Battery

Honda Idles Rough and Dies After Starting

When slowing down at intersections, my Honda Accord would randomly loose engine power and die on the spot. I didn't really care too much about this problem since I was always able to restart my engine and continue driving. Months later my odometer logged 160,000 miles...
Honda Accord (2003-2007)

Dashub Review

Dashub is a vehicle broker which makes bids on your behalf with auction houses. Dashub describes itself as being an "Online Auto Auction" website even though it provides no web-based real-time bidding ability. Dashhub is located on the East Coast and provides East Coast...