I was doubtful about this contraption. It looked like a giant turkey baster or to the dirtyminded...I'll leave it at that. It just works. Makes a single cup of coffee pretty fast and easy. You're looking at about 2 minute brew time. The cleanup is easy as well. For about 25 bucks it's totally worth it.
  • Makes solid coffee
  • Portable
  • Easy to cleanup
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  • Looks funny
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I have to admit, the AeroPress looks a bit funky when I carry it around the office. I didn't spend the extra 3 bucks to get the carrying bag when I purchased the AeroPress from Amazon. When in the office and I am scooping grounds into the AeroPress, I get weird stares like.. what is that guy doing or what is that?? It's called, I'm making a great cup of a coffee. #YOLO
ConsumerPete on 10/2/13