I ordered a Xbox 360 with Kinnect bundle from Amazon, 5 days later there was a "bonus" offer of 20 dollars towards other Amazon goods for buying the same exact bundle. I had not even opened the box to the item they sent me. I called Amazon in hopes they could issue me that "bonus" deal over the phone. This is what happened:
I got this person on the phone (this is either a supervisor or the person I first talked to not sure)
Frances Joeann O
They proceeded to tell me they could not issue me the bonus deal even though I plainly explained I could just ship back the item for a full refund, then re-order it, then get the bonus. They told me I would have to pay a restocking fee (not true) and for shipping (not true). After complaining for a while I escolated to a manager also telling me those things, finally they put me on hold and said ok, here is your RMA for your current one you can ship it back then order a new one and THEN you will get the deal. Frustrated I decided that is what I would do, otherwise I would have felt ripped off that there was a deal I could have gotten 5 days later for an unopened item.
Next, I went back on the site to re-order the bundle while packaging up my old one back into the box and affixing the return label, so far 20-30 minutes of time wasted on all this. I tried to order another one online to get the deal and BOOM I get a message... you can only buy one of this item. Frustrated I called back Amazon again to get the block removed. This time I got:
Delphia B
This person was awesome and who I should have gotten in the first place. I told her the situation only asking her to remove the block (since I was under the impression that my situation was not solveable and I would be required to ship everything back and reorder). She said "how about we just give you a 20 dollar credit"? I was like UMMM YEAH, that's what I was trying to do the whole time. She solved my issue in less than 5 minutes and restored my faith in Amazon even though I had wasted 20+ minutes with the other employees.
Moral of the story - Be careful who you get when you call Amazon, if they do not help you in the way that seems reasonable (bonus for a brand new unopened item I just got 5 days ago) then you may just want to call again to speak to someone else.