I currently work at AMC and I am constantly getting threatened with write ups for not suggestive selling the card and other items in concession. This is what I do not like about AMC, they praise the person that is able to sell stubs, and take for granted the people that are actually skilled enough to do their job and do it well. I am extremely fast in concession, I close really well (30 minutes to an hour every time) I am often getting pulled out off till to help cover ushers when they fall behind and I also cover my fellow crew member's when they need a break, but the GM makes me feel like total dog crap for not pitching an over priced ICEE, or annoying some poor consumer to death about a reward card that they already know they don't want to buy. The incentive for free movies is vastly losing it's appeal it once had. American Multi Cinemas is just a corporation that cares nothing about the art of film and everything about the almighty dollar.