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I currently work at AMC and I am constantly getting threatened with write ups for not suggestive selling the card and other items in concession. This is what I do not like about AMC, they praise the person that is able to sell stubs, and take for granted the people that are actually skilled enough to do their job and do it well. I am extremely fast in concession, I close really well (30 minutes to an hour every time) I am often getting pulled out off till to help cover ushers when they fall behind and I also cover my fellow crew member's when they need a break, but the GM makes me feel like total dog crap for not pitching an over priced ICEE, or annoying some poor consumer to death about a reward card that they already know they don't want to buy. The incentive for free movies is vastly losing it's appeal it once had. American Multi Cinemas is just a corporation that cares nothing about the art of film and everything about the almighty dollar.

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The card should be available instantly with a bar code. The cashier has to manually enter the code every time.
AB on 12/18/16
I was just denied a ticket for Captain America: Winter Solider because I hadn't sold enough stub memberships. My senior manager told the entire managerial staff to not give out tickets to those who did not make the months quota. This is a violation of company policy. I don't know who to talk to since it's the senior manager who gave out the order and I doubt the GM will disagree with her.
ANon on 4/4/14
I've been a Film Crew Member with AMC for 9 Months now and I still don't have an AMC Stubs Card.... :/ How does an Associate go about enrolling for one? Isn't it free for us?
Awesome AMC Employee on 2/24/13
I am a current worker at amc and I have worked here for a year now. The complaints I get are sad but I don't agree. Although it is a fee of $12, it is good for the entire year. Note: you do NOT have to sign up again if the card did not work for you. Also, these cards are made for our loyal members. Members who love movies and will inevitably spend $$$ to see the new releases. The card is also great for those with kids/teens whom see movies every weekend. Most complaints that I get come from those who don't see movies often or have no idea what they signed up for. Also, although I do remind guests of their free upgrades, you should remember what your card does. I wouldn't pay for something without the research of what the card actually does. It's not our faults you paid into a membership with no clue on how to use it. I'm not completely sure as to why we have gotten rid of the gold and silver passes, but rather than posting an angry comment on a blog, hoe about you write a letter to the president of AMC. Now I get into movies for free, and I have my own stubs card. I believe the card is great. I've gotten many rewards because I always make a stop at concessions and also my friends make the same purchases and I allow them to use my card and get free upgrades. My friends now sign up for their own cards because they realize how beneficial the card is when using the card to it's fullest. Look, if you bought the stubs card & you realize now you're not a movie goer, than come next year when your card has expired, just say no thank you and pay the full prices of popcorn and soda, but keep in mind that money you spend is coming back to you.
Tristin on 11/12/12
Yes, I just found out today, the stubs terms and conditions have changed, with your gold and or silver passes, we still scan them, before we print them out, you do not get rewards anymore for these, and thats something I myself do not get, i mean you're still supporting AMC, they still get profit from those tickets, why does the customer not recieve rewards? Thats honestly a shocker I believe, but also, you are now, No longer able to redeem your stubs rewards for giftcards. - Just keeping it honest, and updated for you guys.
AMC Employee on 9/29/12
Schizo Yes, the rewards that you get on your stubs card(the $10) you can use towards your ticket purchase as well.
AMC Employee on 9/12/12
I've been working at AMC for about 6 months now and i can empathize with other employees on how much stubs suck. Don't get me wrong; the card really is worth it if you come to the movies often and buy food from concession but it is very stressful having to ask every single guest if they have one and pitching at least one benefit. Although this may sound easy, it is very hard for my theater in particular because we are one of the busiest in the nation and get thousands of guests a day so it really does get tiring. Luckily for me my managers and supervisors don't shove the program down your throat and they dont force you to sell so pressure isn't as bad - but you do still have to pitch the benefits. But as far as minimum wage jobs go, this is pretty tough. Hang in there fellow AMC employees!!
AmcEmployee101 on 9/1/12
I've been working at my AMC for about 6 months now and i do agree that ever since the stubs card came out it's been a huge stress on employees. We are expected to ask every single guest that comes in if they have a stubs card and pitch at least one benefit which is very tiring and pressuring on us. The theater i work at is the second busiest in the nation and we get thousands of guests on a daily basis which is hard enough already.
AmcEmployee100 on 9/1/12
i dont mind selling the card but idk why the managers expect me to give a fuck because we dont get commission on them any more (even it was .10 or so) and its a minimum wage job. people already feel like they are getting ripped off they dont wanna pay $12 for the card. even if they make it work with the free upgrades and they get $10 back they still have to spend $100+
a guy on 8/10/12
I've been working at my theater for 5 years now and when AMC stubs rolled out last year, it drained the place of morale. What was once a fun place to work at with camaraderie amongst my fellow peers, has now become a leech sucking the life out of us. Our collective mood changes as you clock in. You can be having the best day of your life coming in, and then no longer. My fellow employee said it best, "I haven't clocked in yet and I already feel tired and overwhelmed." To make matters worse, budget cuts throughout the company make things stressful because when we work, we do three people's job in a given shift. Right now our theater has moved away from pushing stubs to every customer, and now emphasizes, getting off the clock as soon as possible. Does anyone else who works for AMC feel this way?
amc employee on 8/5/12
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Trust me people it ain't worth it. I worked at an AMC about two months ago and quit the job because of this whole stubs business. It is a huge hasle to convince people to buy them even though they will not reap huge benefits from the program. I mean you have to spend 100 dollars to get ten dollars back. that's not even enough for a ticket. And if you dnt do concession then it ain't worth it. People always complain that they thought they got a hundred by now or they thought you only have to pay 12 dollars one time. But no it is a yearly thing and you have to renew it every year. The Movie Watchers program was much better as it didn't turn all of the employees into sales men. that is what I became there and I hated it. I am never been good at forcing people to buy something they don't need so I quit after three months cause I kept getting written up or told that I needed to sell more. I swear one time I sold ten of these damn cards and was told that I still needed to sell more. WTF! this whole program is not worth and I feel bad for the people who got suckered in to get it.
By Loco Brain on 11/13/11