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I currently work at AMC and I am constantly getting threatened with write ups for not suggestive selling the card and other items in concession. This is what I do not like about AMC, they praise the person that is able to sell stubs, and take for granted the people that are actually skilled enough to do their job and do it well. I am extremely fast in concession, I close really well (30 minutes to an hour every time) I am often getting pulled out off till to help cover ushers when they fall behind and I also cover my fellow crew member's when they need a break, but the GM makes me feel like total dog crap for not pitching an over priced ICEE, or annoying some poor consumer to death about a reward card that they already know they don't want to buy. The incentive for free movies is vastly losing it's appeal it once had. American Multi Cinemas is just a corporation that cares nothing about the art of film and everything about the almighty dollar.
  • Free popcorn and drink upgrade to next size (ICEEs not included)
  • For every $100 you spend you get $10 non-cash reward (expires after 90 days)
  • No online ticketing fee
  • You get an online gallery that records your movie stubs so you can rate, comment, and share to your social networks
  • If you sign up at your local theatre you get four cards (two regular and two keychains) active and ready to start saving)
  • Any tickets you brought within the last 30 days prior to you buying can be added also
  • Allows special pre-screenings at certain theatrers if a member
  • Receive special posters, pins, and more collectables if a member on opening weekends
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  • You only have 3 months to use your Stubs Points
  • No warning that Stubs is going to expire
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  • 12 dollar annual cost
  • AMC Silver and Gold tickets are not counted towards one's Stubs Reward total
  • Cannot redeem reward when buying tickets online/kiosk
  • If your credit does not get applied, it is almost impossible to get AMC to fix the mistake
  • Not allowed to use it when buying gift cards!
  • Difficult AMC interface, comples password required, confusing to use and slows down ticket purchases
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AMC Stubs Frequently Asked Questions

12 dollars a year
Allows you to get an upgrade in size for popcorn and soda purchases. Example: If you buy a medium popcorn, you get upgraded to a large.
When purchasing popcorn or soda, tell the cashier than you're using your Stubs card and you want a free upgrade from medium to large (for example)

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The card should be available instantly with a bar code. The cashier has to manually enter the code every time.
AB on 12/19/16
I was just denied a ticket for Captain America: Winter Solider because I hadn't sold enough stub memberships. My senior manager told the entire managerial staff to not give out tickets to those who did not make the months quota. This is a violation of company policy. I don't know who to talk to since it's the senior manager who gave out the order and I doubt the GM will disagree with her.
ANon on 4/4/14
I've been a Film Crew Member with AMC for 9 Months now and I still don't have an AMC Stubs Card.... :/ How does an Associate go about enrolling for one? Isn't it free for us?
Awesome AMC Employee on 2/25/13
I am a current worker at amc and I have worked here for a year now. The complaints I get are sad but I don't agree. Although it is a fee of $12, it is good for the entire year. Note: you do NOT have to sign up again if the card did not work for you. Also, these cards are made for our loyal members. Members who love movies and will inevitably spend $$$ to see the new releases. The card is also great for those with kids/teens whom see movies every weekend. Most complaints that I get come from those who don't see movies often or have no idea what they signed up for. Also, although I do remind guests of their free upgrades, you should remember what your card does. I wouldn't pay for something without the research of what the card actually does. It's not our faults you paid into a membership with no clue on how to use it. I'm not completely sure as to why we have gotten rid of the gold and silver passes, but rather than posting an angry comment on a blog, hoe about you write a letter to the president of AMC. Now I get into movies for free, and I have my own stubs card. I believe the card is great. I've gotten many rewards because I always make a stop at concessions and also my friends make the same purchases and I allow them to use my card and get free upgrades. My friends now sign up for their own cards because they realize how beneficial the card is when using the card to it's fullest. Look, if you bought the stubs card & you realize now you're not a movie goer, than come next year when your card has expired, just say no thank you and pay the full prices of popcorn and soda, but keep in mind that money you spend is coming back to you.
Tristin on 11/13/12
Yes, I just found out today, the stubs terms and conditions have changed, with your gold and or silver passes, we still scan them, before we print them out, you do not get rewards anymore for these, and thats something I myself do not get, i mean you're still supporting AMC, they still get profit from those tickets, why does the customer not recieve rewards? Thats honestly a shocker I believe, but also, you are now, No longer able to redeem your stubs rewards for giftcards. - Just keeping it honest, and updated for you guys.
AMC Employee on 9/29/12
Schizo Yes, the rewards that you get on your stubs card(the $10) you can use towards your ticket purchase as well.
AMC Employee on 9/12/12
I've been working at AMC for about 6 months now and i can empathize with other employees on how much stubs suck. Don't get me wrong; the card really is worth it if you come to the movies often and buy food from concession but it is very stressful having to ask every single guest if they have one and pitching at least one benefit. Although this may sound easy, it is very hard for my theater in particular because we are one of the busiest in the nation and get thousands of guests a day so it really does get tiring. Luckily for me my managers and supervisors don't shove the program down your throat and they dont force you to sell so pressure isn't as bad - but you do still have to pitch the benefits. But as far as minimum wage jobs go, this is pretty tough. Hang in there fellow AMC employees!!
AmcEmployee101 on 9/2/12
I've been working at my AMC for about 6 months now and i do agree that ever since the stubs card came out it's been a huge stress on employees. We are expected to ask every single guest that comes in if they have a stubs card and pitch at least one benefit which is very tiring and pressuring on us. The theater i work at is the second busiest in the nation and we get thousands of guests on a daily basis which is hard enough already.
AmcEmployee100 on 9/2/12
i dont mind selling the card but idk why the managers expect me to give a fuck because we dont get commission on them any more (even it was .10 or so) and its a minimum wage job. people already feel like they are getting ripped off they dont wanna pay $12 for the card. even if they make it work with the free upgrades and they get $10 back they still have to spend $100+
a guy on 8/10/12
I've been working at my theater for 5 years now and when AMC stubs rolled out last year, it drained the place of morale. What was once a fun place to work at with camaraderie amongst my fellow peers, has now become a leech sucking the life out of us. Our collective mood changes as you clock in. You can be having the best day of your life coming in, and then no longer. My fellow employee said it best, "I haven't clocked in yet and I already feel tired and overwhelmed." To make matters worse, budget cuts throughout the company make things stressful because when we work, we do three people's job in a given shift. Right now our theater has moved away from pushing stubs to every customer, and now emphasizes, getting off the clock as soon as possible. Does anyone else who works for AMC feel this way?
amc employee on 8/5/12
Re: AMC Employee So you CAN use your stubs rewards to purchase a ticket? From your post, it leads me to believe that I can purchase a ticket using my AMC Stubs card, but only if I use the rewards to purchase a gift card?
Schizo on 7/3/12
At my AMC, we aren't required to sell the program, but we are definitely required to pitch it during each transaction. If you don't sell enough, you basically get scheduled in another area, other than concession. Going in to work is really stressful now because of AMC Stubs.
AMC OP on 6/8/12
So I just recently got hired on at AMC, and have worked there a little over a month. Actually this has been by far the best job I've had in my eyes, even though its less pay then what I was used to, but I'd rather have a better job with less pay than a horrid job with more pay. Anyway... The AMC Stubs card. A lot of people think this is a rip, I want you guys to think about this, because yes I'm one to try and sell them, but I also let you know why I'm trying to sell it to you. If you have literally two people, going to a night showing is $10.50, so you're already at $21. (you spend $12 extra for the stubs card that night) You're now at $33, you go in, and get a Medium popcorn (Free upgrade to a large), saving you $1, getting 2 medium cokes (free upgrades to large), saving you $2 more, you're now at about $51. Your stubs card has just saved you $3, while you're half way to your $100 mark. If you're a person that likes to go eh, once a month for the year, you're figuring buying those items each time (minus the stubs card.) It's $39 each trip. So within a year period, you've saved $36 Just on Free Upgrades for your drinks and popcorn. ($24 profit in your pocket) ...But if you're buying your tickets on fandango every time or whatever, you're also getting those fee's waived. (but i wont include these savings in this example.) You're spending $480/year, so for the $400 + the free upgrades ($36), minus the -$12 fee for the stubs card for the year, you've made a profit of $64 that AMC has given back to you. There are perks to this card, you just have to give it some thought. And also I will say, if you get a $10 reward, the reward money will expire after 90days (the points won't expire, but if you have reward money on the card, that however will expire after 90days if it is not used.) So even if you don't want to go see a movie within the 90days, another thing you can do is go to the box office and use your rewards to puchase the AMC Gift card which will Not expire. And for the people that do order them online, I'm not exactly sure how our customer serivce goes about online, but for future refrence for anyone, it is much easier just going to your local AMC Theatre and signing up for them, because you are also getting signed up there, and we'd be handing you your cards right away (2 wallet size, and 2 keychain cards.) I do hope this helped explain everything more in detail and hope I was able to help anyone :) - Thanks.
AMC Employee on 6/4/12
We're REQUIRED to ask now, and I'm tired of hearing customers b*t*h about us asking them. It's a JOB, hell I get tired of asking. But when it comes down to it, I HAVE to because of "secret shoppers", I could get fired. T_T. I feel your pain, but understand mine.
AMCYaLater! on 5/25/12
I hate the job, but hate selling STUBS most, I am supposed to sell em, at least 2 a day, but some times it's hard, people are already shelling out like 30+ bucks just for a movie, plus I work at the dine in one in menlo park, so the food aint cheap, so I feel bad about asking if they wanna spend an extra 12. But in the long run, it's worth it to have the card, even if you only come like once a month, the popcorn and soda aint cheap, you'll spend like 15+ just on those, online ticket fees are rid of when you have one, it's very easy to spend 100+ bucks at the one i work at. But if people don't want it, then I can't force it. But understand it's our job to sell em, we're not trying to be assholes when we ask, we're just doing our job.
amcworker. on 5/14/12
i work at Liberty 20 AMC in Danvers, Massachusetts. I love the place i work at and even though i have to promote the amc stubs rewards card, it is DEFINITELY worth doing it. If you work there you get free movies!!! i think saying the stubs thing a hundred times a day is extremely worth it!!!
mataya96 on 4/27/12
i dont understand how in these times people can afford refreshments at the concession stand, there are priced verry high, when i come to the movies i want to do just that, watch a movie, the movie is allready an expense that i look foward to, and i will pay for that. if i want to eat something i will do it before or the way the movies are why your in buisness any way.The manager should be pushing that instead of snacks. maybe a strike in front of the theater about whats going on would be something that the employees should push.
mother of employee on 3/11/12
I work at amc in highlands ranch, CO. when getting trained they have two goals they drill into your head: guest connections and amc stubs. making the pitch with every transaction is required and caught slacking off about it results in serious consequences. amc is generally a fun place to work at, but all the workers feel the pressure of selling cards. ive seen employees lie to guests saying that the cards gives you free movies everytime you come to amc and more BS like that. Its annoying when guests get upset with us for pitching stubs, because in plain truth we are just doing our job. to me, getting 10% back is good, but the kicker is getting free upgrades on concessions. if you have come to amc i dont need to tell you how expensive our food is. but buying combos can save you uo to 3 dollars every time which really adds up. im not saying everyone should go out and buy the crad, just be a little kinder to employees under strict selling conditions.
AMC highlands ranch employee on 2/17/12
I heard that some AMCs req all employes to maintain a 2% sell rate or they are fired
amc emp on 2/11/12
I totally agree with the other employee review i worked for AMC for 3 long years the only reason i stayed for that long was that the friends that i made their. Working for AMC sucks!!!! point and simple. You get no raises at all i got one .10 cent raise at about 2 1/2 years which it was a slap in the face because i was in their supervisor program to get promoted and all of us in the program worked harder than everyone else and worked almost 40 hr a week, while going to school full time. The AMC Stubs Program was a big mistake i didn't like the $12 dollar fee they had to pay every year, a program should be free because your doing business with them, so they should reward you for doing business with them. Our management team were on us to push this dumb cards every time we worked if we didn't hit our numbers they would give us a talk about how if we didn't sell them they will fire us. A lot of my employees didn't like going to work because they felt pressured to sell this cards, i even heard they made an employee cry because she wasn't selling enough. They want to see like 20 to 30 cards sold each shift which is insane. I never hit those numbers because people dont want to spend another $12 dollars in this economy and if they dont come often than it's not worth it. If they come often than yes it is worth it except for the $12 you have to pay. In my theatre they fired about 5 people and countless have left i myself left to because i didn't like being threaten bye my managers who thought where smarter than me and only had a high school diploma but no college education what so ever. So to anyone applying to AMC beware that they will be on you to sell this cards
Former Employee on 12/12/11
First off, I am not a total supporter of AMC Theaters. They let me go in September in the most unprofessional of ways, so, that being said... My experience with employees and STUBS with the 2 theaters I worked at is this. Selling is vital, but we did not fire people if they did not sell. People would be let go if they did not: A. Mention the program B. Mention a benefit of the program. So, if a customer came up, all an employee had to do was state, "Do you have your AMC STUBS Card with you today? With STUBS you can get free upgrades at the concession stand." Pretty basic. A person could be terminated if we got shopped by an outside mystery shopper service, and the employee did not do both of the above. One warning is given, then termination. At first, it was automatic termination, but apparently HR was not too keen on this, nor was I. I imagine employees are monitored by managers on site, and written up and terminated based on this, but I only saw write ups based on the mystery shops. Is it unfair? Yes. Is it a lot of pressure? Yes. Is it hard just to toss a little sales pitch. No. Does it suck that customers are disgustingly rude at this sales pitch? Yes. I, as a manager, had to do this, too. If I worked a register, I had to fulfill these requirements, too. If I was mystery shopped during a sale, I faced the same repercussions as an employee. So, believe me, I get what people are saying about pressure. However, what makes the selling hard, to me, is the unacceptable rudeness by people during the pitch. They cut you off before you finish a 5 second sales pitch. The sweet Moviewatcher members who cry fowl apparently use their nice language here, because I have been LITERALLY cursed out by former members (Most, by the way, got the first year free, all got half off). A majority of MovieWatcher customers were awesome to deal with. Don't get me wrong, but, to be honest, they never bought anything. They would get free popcorn on Wednesdays, and that is the only time a Moviewatcher would go near the concession stand, when he/she got a coupon for something free. For those so called people who say they go to 8-10 movies a month, and hate the new program... Number one, if you went to that many, you're first year is free if you were Movie Watcher. Number 2, you would realize that you get the the membership fee, 12 dollars, back so quickly, especially if you buy concessions during your visit. I think 12 a year is too much for a rewards program, 6 is more fair, but, for me, I would pay it. I go to the mov
examcmanager on 11/18/11
I have worked for AMC for 3 year, they pay sucks and the raises are horrible i got one pay raise at about 2 1/2 years of working their and it was only .10 cents, The hours vary depending if your a great worker or a lazy one. Honestly it sucks working at AMC, they force you to sell the AMC Stubs card which sucks because it's $12 for a customer to but it and you don't really get much except for free upgrades on popcorn and drinks, and the $1 fee waived off if you buy tickets online. Mangers are starting to fire people for not selling enough of the Amc stubs cards, they force you into pressuring the customers in buying it, to be honest some people wont ever use them at all!! their just wasting their money on some stupid card that is worth nothing. Management is horrible and lazy and just care about the dumb cards i have seen a lot of good workers fired because they don't meet their expectations, its hard to sell them when the card is $12 dollars and if you have gone lately to AMC the food items have gone up by .25 cents so its getting really bad, as a AMC employee i advise you not to go to any AMC because they rip you off, go to Regal its way better. The management team at Puente Hills 20 is horrible!!! all they do is stock you to see if your selling the cards, the crew is so stress about going to work and try to sell it if not they get fired which is suck and it shows how AMC is as a whole company
AMC Employee on 11/15/11
I work for Amc and I hate the Amc stubs Program our managers pressure us into selling this dumb cards I got suspended because they didn't hear me say it once which is dumb. Everyone is stressed at work tinkled sell this dumb cards which the people don't get a lot of discounts. And the $12 to be a member is ridiculous it should be free cause your doing business with the my management crew is dumb most of them never went to college or dropped out cause they couldn't do it. The management at Puente Hills 20 is a joke!!!
A on 11/14/11
Trust me people it ain't worth it. I worked at an AMC about two months ago and quit the job because of this whole stubs business. It is a huge hasle to convince people to buy them even though they will not reap huge benefits from the program. I mean you have to spend 100 dollars to get ten dollars back. that's not even enough for a ticket. And if you dnt do concession then it ain't worth it. People always complain that they thought they got a hundred by now or they thought you only have to pay 12 dollars one time. But no it is a yearly thing and you have to renew it every year. The Movie Watchers program was much better as it didn't turn all of the employees into sales men. that is what I became there and I hated it. I am never been good at forcing people to buy something they don't need so I quit after three months cause I kept getting written up or told that I needed to sell more. I swear one time I sold ten of these damn cards and was told that I still needed to sell more. WTF! this whole program is not worth and I feel bad for the people who got suckered in to get it.
Loco Brain on 11/13/11
Selling the Stubs reward program is quote a breeze in my area. Honestly, this program is worth every penny if one knows how to take advantage of it. with the movie watchers card, you only get discounted items everynow and then. with the stubs, you get discounts whever the hell you want. for every 100 you spend you get 10 dollars back. if you watch mvies alone, you obviously wouldnt be able to reach that amount unless you speend that 120. who watches movies alone tho? ive had plenty more ppl say they are satisfied with the program compared to those who dnt agree with it. the stubs program does come with alot more benifits, every now and then you also do get coupons via email for free drinks and popcorns along with the discounts you already recieve whenever you want. it comes with alot of other suprises as well like special screenings exclusively for AMC STUBS members. just recently,if you were a stubs member and you watched lion king 3d, you recieved 5 dollars credit which you can use toward your next ticket or popcorn and drinks. if you take the time to actually give the program a try then maybe you will find out how extraordinary it is. its just that some people these days are very cheap.
AMC EMPLOYEE on 10/16/11
Everyone, to someone who stumbles upon this, it's more stressful to where I work at since it's in an area full of tourists. So I always get these excuses: "We don't have an AMC in our area", "We're just visiting", "We don't go to the movies a lot". So in a way, I hope they realize that it's a lot harder for us to sell the Stubs card. And any guests who read this saying it's a scam or whatever, and I agree with the other AMCEmployee commenters, keep in mind that we have to pitch the sell to you or else we're fired. This Stubs thing is now being treated as if we would get fired if we let in someone who's younger than 17 into a rated R film. I think it's ridiculous to have our jobs on the line for a membership card such as this, but if you're a moviegoer or you always go to the movies with a large group, then it is really beneficial. So please cut us some slack.
AMCEmployee on 8/14/11
yes its $12 a year and its easy how to see amc "scams you" yes our prices at concession is high and its our greedy corporate. *little sarcasm* the truth is that the reason amc charges alot at concession is cuz all the money made in box office goes to the studios. hell, most of our theatres don't even own their own projectors. at our theatre we are leasing all 20 or ours. The stubs is $12 but how different is it from the $5 coffees at starbucks, or the $25 dollar membership to barnes and nobles? The one thing that alot of people neglect to notice is how easy is to turn this "AMC scam" into your own scam. you can make up those lost $12 up in one day unless your a total loser with no friends at all. I've seen people use their friends and family members. all you need is 2 kids and 2 adults for a regular movie and your already at the $40 mark. bring as many of your friends as you like. go ahead there is no limit on how many people can use your card. i've seen a lady hand it to random guest she didn't even know to get her point. this card is only a scam if you don't know how to use the system in their favor. As it stands? people can use the stubs when they buy tickets and refund them without losing their points. so you can buy 10 tickets. refund 9 and still keep the points. and its true. we will get fired if we don't ask people about the stubs card. another note? cosco tickets count as rewards too. not the full amount. but what you paid a cosco. the $7.50.
JP on 8/5/11
for all those amc employees trying hard to sell amc stubs its not that hard it really sells itself. here are some tips on how to improve your sales numbers. Remind the guest that they can let friends or their children borrow it when they go and then all those points go on that card and they get their rewards. you can also tell them about the summer movies coming out. A lot of people dont think they go to the movies that often but a lot of good movies are coming out. also even though it is 12 dollars annually at the end of the year they will most likely have a reward on their card and it will pay for the 12 dollars to renew it. if they are hesitant on buying it right away tell them the sooner they buy it the more rewards they get and if you are at concession remind them they would be saving money that day on popcorn and drinks. if it is a big family tell them that they are half way to their first rewards or whatever it is do the math for them. dont push it down their throats but try to help them save money. hope this helps.
amcemployee4 on 6/22/11
It amazes me that, like the other AMC employees, I too discovered this discussion by googling "how to sell AMC Stubs cards" and, like them, I too leave my job completely stress and hating the last 8 hours. I love working at AMC. I get the chance to see, meet and work with so many different kinds of people that it's hard to not have a good time. I love helping guests, hearing their stories and swapping smiles and laughs. But with managers hounding employees about selling memberships, being threatened with write-ups and even termination, and guests who choose our buisness to have a fun time at the movie but instead end up being pestered over and over about becoming a member, I have started to hate my job. I hate pestering people. Making people smile is easy, but so is making them mad. On behalf of every AMC employee who actually wants you to smile, have a good time and is honesly there for you, I apologize. We don't like selling AMC Stubs memberships any more than you like hearing about it. AMC trains every employee to make your movie going experience the best it can be. With the way our jobs are designed, when you're having a good time, we're having a good time. So next time you choose AMC theaters, try to remember that the employees do care. Please don't be mean to us. It's not our fault. In response to anyone who was a movie watchers member, the AMC Stubs program is a much better program. Yes, movie watchers was free, but the rewards were limited and predetermined. As a 5th year math major in college, I feel you can trust my calculations. Movie Watchers gave you 2 points per ticket, with a maximum of 4 points a day. That means you only got credit for 2 tickets. Even if you bought 5, you only got credit for 2. At 10 points you got a free small coke. Lets say all those tickets were the early morning price, $6. 10 points = 5 tickets. 5 tickets at $6 a piece = $30. A small coke is $4.25 That means you're reward was 14%. Pretty good right? If you go to the movies by yourself, only before noon and never buy concession items, yes. But if you're like most movie goers, you'll go during even hours along with someone else, sneak you're drinks in and buy a popcorn. How does this change anything? lets see. 10 points = 5 tickets 5 tickets at $9 a piece = $45 Add a large popcorn with free refills at $8 to that = $53. You're free small coke = $4.25 Your reward now comes to 8%. That's a big drop. Plus! You don't need that free small drink since you brought yours from the grocery store around the corner.
AMC employee X on 5/26/11
I am in exactly the same boat as AMCemployee3. Knock the program all you want, but realize that the person on the other side of the counter is human too. I was looking up selling points for the AMC Stubs card because I've been hassled by patrons angry with AMC and taking it out on employees by immediately saying "No" in a hostile manner as soon as I try to pitch the card. While the program itself may very well be flawed (the earlier letter to AMC was well-worded, but still very hostile in tone) there certainly is a much better way to handle being sold to than haughtily denying any of the benefits and focusing on the negative. Granted, the card is twelve dollars. Granted, you only get ten percent of your $100 purchases back. However, for those that want to take advantage of never having to buy a large popcorn again for refills, or bringing a family in and spending an easy $60 on tickets, for those that claim to be movie junkies and easily come to an AMC theatre at least once a month, this card does help. Remember that you're not just paying AMC for tickets and popcorn, you are paying for the experience of coming to a clean theatre with friendly service and employees that, in my instance, honestly care about and are loyal to their job and company. If you don't like the card, don't buy it. AMC will note in their sales that the card isn't doing well and will change it accordingly. Angrily ranting and being rude to the people that are trying their best to help you is not going to change anything, but rather elevate an already stressful situation not just for the patron, but for the employee trying to do their job as well.
AMCemployee 4 on 5/25/11
I was actually googling "How to sell AMC stubs" when I came across this page. I was recently hired by AMC almost two months ago, and just in the past week my managers have started to strongly stress how crucial it is to sell these stubs. AMC Stubs had just started when I was hired, so I never got the chance to experience working there without the pressure of trying to sell these stubs. When I was trained during my hiring process it was stated that selling stubs is important, but it's just recently been taken onto a whole new level. Like AMCEmployee1 and 2 stated, we have to sell the product during every single transaction. Before it was acceptable to simply ask if the guest had an AMC stubs card; now we're expected to inform every single guest of all the benefits of the program. Today was my first shift since management has made a bigger deal out of these stubs. Depending on where we're working, we're expected to sell a certain number of stubs (during weekends it's 20 per shift in box office, and 2 if you're in concessions, but I think this is specific to only my theater). This is my first job, I'm only 17 and my sales skills have yet to be fine tuned. The fact of the matter is, I'm very friendly and lots of guests compliment me for how smiley I am, but try as I might, I'm terrible at selling stubs. I've probably sold only about 4 stubs since I've started working. So you can imagine how nervous I was when earlier today I worked a seven hour concession shift. Seven hours of feeling frazzled and under stress to sell a product is no fun. In the end I sold zero stubs, and I was so worried about it while I was working that I frequently asked my coworkers what their sales pitch was and for advice. One of my coworkers on the till next to mine finally even said that the next time she sold a stubs card that she would direct the guest to me so that I could sign them up on my till and get the credit. I have a friend who has been working at this theater for nine months, and the only reason she wants to quit now is because of the pressure put on us to sell this program. When I clocked off one of my managers overheard me saying that I wasn't able to sell any stubs during my concession shift, and he immediately came over and said that he would put me in a box office shift to gain more practice because "not selling stubs isn't an option". I was so frustrated by the time I was off that I cried while driving home. I work another six hour concession shift in two days, so hopefully I'll be able to prove myself then :( And like
AMCEmployee3 on 5/21/11
I am just seconding what the first employee said. Stubs has pretty much been the worst thing to happen to us. The management has basically just used it as a threat saying we will get written up or even fired for lack of selling stubs cards that no one even wants to buy. Personally, i think this program is a scam, but we have to sell it or we're going to lose our jobs. In fact there is a new rule that if we dont explain the benifits of stubs to every person that comes to the concession stand, we can get fired on the spot.
AMCemployee2 on 5/17/11
I work as an employee at an AMC Theater where the managers have become militant about the employees selling AMC Stubs. Several people have recently been fired because they weren't selling enough of them. Going into work is now extremely stressful because no one knows whether or not they will lose their job that day because they don't sell what is expected of them. So when you are asked for the millionth time about buying the membership and being told about all the benefits of the program, please keep in mind that we are doing the job we have been told to do or else lose our job.
AMCEmployee on 5/16/11