I was a loyal AMC theatre goer and have had a MovieWatcher card since 1995. I am not disappointed, I'm PISSED. The nerve to charge yet for something else. Is it not enought that we pay 500 percent markup on the concession stand. That the movie tickets are nearly $20.00 a piece. If you are a family of four you can't go to the movies for under $50.00 Soon this too will be out of reach for families. Now they want us to pay them $12 to wait.... get 10 back after spending 100.00 and then to get another 10 you have to spend another 100.00 Can someone else do the math or is this just plain rip off. IT IS TIME TO SAY ENOUGH. DO NOT GO TO AMC, AVOID THEM... SEND THEM A CLEAR MESSAGE. ENOUGH. Cobb, Muvico any other rather than AMC.