AMC Stubs Review

The AMC Stubs membership is a paid for program that provides its members benefits in the form of upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn. A 10 dollar reward is issued for every 100 dollars spent and can be applied towards the cost of food and drinks. The AMC Stubs program is not for everybody. As a matter of fact, you should probably avoid it unless fit one of the first two profiles listed below:
The "Movie Buff" - You watch a movie every week. At 12.50 a ticket, you will spent a total of 650 dollars in a year. This will net you 48 dollars in rewards (60 reward dollars - 12 dollar AMC Stubs membership fee). You probably are already a Stubs member.. If not, you know what you should be registering for right now.
The "I Eat Junk Food at the Movies Person" - You watch 8 movies or more a year. You love popcorn, and even more, you love washing down those kernels of joy with nice carbonated high fructose corn syrup beverage. You will receive 10 dollars back in rewards. This leaves you at a net loss of 2 dollars which can be easily made up by the savings achieved through drink and popcorn upgrades and refills.
The "Casual Movie Watcher" - You watch less than 8 movies a year and you don't purchase anything from the concession stand. You will lose money by purchasing an AMC Stubs membership.
If you are propositioned to buy the AMC Stubs membership by a crew member, buy it if you can profit from it, but turn down the offer if the numbers don't add up.
  • Free popcorn and drink upgrade to next size (ICEEs not included)
  • For every $100 you spend you get $10 non-cash reward (expires after 90 days)
  • No online ticketing fee
  • You get an online gallery that records your movie stubs so you can rate, comment, and share to your social networks
  • If you sign up at your local theatre you get four cards (two regular and two keychains) active and ready to start saving)
  • Any tickets you brought within the last 30 days prior to you buying can be added also
  • Allows special pre-screenings at certain theatrers if a member
  • Receive special posters, pins, and more collectables if a member on opening weekends
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  • You only have 3 months to use your Stubs Points
  • No warning that Stubs is going to expire
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  • 12 dollar annual cost
  • AMC Silver and Gold tickets are not counted towards one's Stubs Reward total
  • Cannot redeem reward when buying tickets online/kiosk
  • If your credit does not get applied, it is almost impossible to get AMC to fix the mistake
  • Not allowed to use it when buying gift cards!
  • Difficult AMC interface, comples password required, confusing to use and slows down ticket purchases
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AMC Stubs Frequently Asked Questions

12 dollars a year
Allows you to get an upgrade in size for popcorn and soda purchases. Example: If you buy a medium popcorn, you get upgraded to a large.
When purchasing popcorn or soda, tell the cashier than you're using your Stubs card and you want a free upgrade from medium to large (for example)

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Never again, purchased online tickets to get the $5.00 popcorn coupon and ended up having to pay a convenience fee of $3 something and tax. It took forever to process this and hopefully it works. Printed coupon for the popcorn, just to be safe! Never again, box office for me, refuse to pay a "convenience fee" to purchase movie tickets, especially when it isn't really convenient at all!
cmk85212 on 6/19/18
Run the other way. I have been requesting access to my premiere account since I signed up and I have never been able to get in. I can't get the card number, I can't get them to reset it. I have contacted them 4 times and nothing can be resolved. I WOULD NEVER join this.
Jocelyn Steward on 9/17/17
They only give $5.00 now per every $100.00 spent. You can no longer upsize your drink and popcorn for free. The price went up on the small size drink and popcorn from$12.75 to $13.97, that you used to be able to upsize to a medium. The size of the medium combo went down to what they call a regular size,witch is basically a small now. So there is no benefits to joining anymore!
William Kynett on 7/24/17
I signed up for stubs at a theater, and used my mom's phone number because I didn't remember mine at the time (I had just gotten the phone). So I went to the website thinking I could change my phone number, but it needed a password. So I tried to use the password that I would've signed up with and it didn't work. I tried the 'forgot password' like multiple times and still haven't gotten the e-mail to change the password. So not only can I not sign in, but I didn't even know I HAD a password. Still trying to figure this out. I guess I'll talk to someone that works at the theater next time I go.
Anonymous on 4/11/17
I love going to the movies. My wife and I go all the time. Best if you go to Multiplex theater because you can almost always get into a theater that is showing the movie you want without waiting a long time. I do miss the old Stubs program where you earned tickets, drinks, popcorn and once in a while a Night At The Movies, but the new system of cash is alright, I get my upgrades and save the cash until I can pay for a ticket or two. I never buy tickets on line so I cannot comment on that experience, but I never ran into a situation where I couldn't get in once I got to my theater, guess that is because I have two AMV multiplexes within five miles of each other one with 12 theaters and one with 14 theaters.
C. Alton N. on 3/25/17
AMC Stubs absolute garbage there are not even allowing me to use my 5.00 Reward.
Paul Kruse Chicago, Il on 3/21/17
After going to the theatre to watch a movie and being told the next 3 showings were already sold out, I went home and attempted to order online tickets for another day. By the time I had found a time that I could purchase 6 seats together and input my credit info, the website timed-out and I had to start all over. Very frustrating and disappointing.
jk on 12/31/16
The website is absolutely AWFUL. Many times the movie I want to see is not included in a selection for the particular theater I am going to although I know it is playing there. I have not been able to buy tickets online because although I put in all of the requested information, I can not progress to the next screen because I keep getting an error message regarding populated fields. . By the time I get to the theater and buy tickets in person, the best seats are sold. Sometimes at the theater there is no distinction between the premiere card line for snacks or tickets and the general line. And, NO ONE EVER answers the customer service line. I have waited on hold for over an hour. My experience with the membership and with AMC has become so frustrating that it ruins the movie and is not worth it. Many are beginning to feel this way and are avoiding the venue.
Elisa on 12/27/16
My wife got an AMC Stubs card and asked me to initialize it. I did and thought it was done, but it said I had the wrong birthday entered. I did it all again using my name and birthday. Still wrong. I made up random birthdays and registered again. No go. I called "customer service" and was on hold for a long, long time before I hung up. I went to the theater and asked them to fix it. They didn't. Waited on hold with customer service today for 23 minutes for someone to tell me I must have set it up wrong and my email isn't linked to the account. I asked for a refund for my useless card. No go. I asked for a supervisor. She told me there was no problem. After a long exchange she admitted it didn't work, but was prepared to help me use the card in the condition it was in. I asked for a refund, again. That's wasn't possible. JUST SAY NO TO THE STUBBS CARD SCAM.
Steve on 12/26/16
My first Stubs card worked like a charm, no problems. Then when it expired I was given a new card but it didn't get linked up to my e-mail because the first card was still attached. Spent several months trying to link a new STubs card to my e-mail. Still has not been fixed! I have called on the phone several times, physically went to my AMC Movie, sent e-mail and no one has fixed this problem. I've changed my email, changed my password to point where I don't even remember it, I go to "forget password" and it sends me to a site to change the password and asks me FOR THE PASSWORD I FORGOT!!!! What kind of set-up is this? Going to AMC today to get tickets because the movie is close to where I live otherwise they wouldn't be getting my business. I am complaining to my local TV station about this and they told me if AMC didn't fix it to call them back. This is "D-Day."
Arlene on 11/4/16
It appears that the program benefits have been severely curtailed. Too bad, it was a great program as originally released.
Kevin Keegan on 10/29/16
I signed up for the program at home instead of in the theater. Big mistake! I paid the $12 in July, I have been promised the card was "on its way." 2 times now by email. It is mid September and I STILL do not have the card or the refund I asked for. COME ON! I have complained at the theater as well. They tell me to file an online complaint even after I tell them I have 2 different times. WORTHLESS!
Tired of Being Fleeced on 9/21/16
$12 to join and they expire 2 months after you earn them. Greedy bastards.
Tired of Being Fleeced on 9/9/16
If you use your stubs card on Tuesdays (the discount night) you have no choice but to sit in the front row of the theater PERIOD. We have been going every Tuesday night for 3 mos. and every seat is "sold" except the very front row, one seat at some random spot and 2 seats either far left or right of the very back row. once you purchase your ticket, and the show starts there might be (at the fullest movie we've been to) 4 other couples in the theater. all the other seats were empty. even the ones we would have preferred. we have been lied to over and over at the ticket window about those seats already sold, were sold online. Last week was no exception 3 couples TOTAL in the movie. we had to purchase front row seats the only ones available. Tonight we were told the same thing, only front row. We left, went to another theater and guess what? no lines, no "sold out seats" plenty empty. Can you guess what theater is going to get our weekly movie money? not AMC Southlands, in Aurora Colorado!
Disappointed User on 6/18/16
I purchased a Stubs Card, and movie tickets (About $600) , used the tickets, but didn't try to redeem points from the card for about 30 days. When I found out that the purchase was not applied to the card, I went to customer service, at the theater, with a copy of the charge from my American Express Statement. The theater representative told me I had to contact AMC. I did this the following week, providing the same information. Still no credit. I wrote to the president of AMC, still no credit. It is a RIP OFF, and nothing more.
Mark Weiss on 6/18/16
Don't waste your money with AMC Stubs membership, they will cancel your account, cancel your rewards and not refund you your $12 back just because you go to the movies a lot with family. Apparently there is an limit to how much rewards you can earn in a 30 day period and if you go over that limit its considered "fraud" and your account with be cancelled. Buyer beware!
AMC Stubs is a Fraud on 6/1/16
AMC is introducing new FREE and PAID version of stubs membership in select few locations. Once it is available in all locations, the paid membership will no longer be $12. I guess it will be more than that. $15 or $20. Finally AMC has come up with the FREE option. But to me, the free option is as good as no rewards program.
Blue Digest on 5/11/16
The Stubs program has always worked for me. You have to spend $100 and you get $10 back in rewards. If you see a movie just by your self, that can easily equal $25. Do that 4 times and BOOM! $10 in rewards, which is roughly the price of a ticket. Free Movie!! If you go with a family or group, you can spend $100 in one trip. Again, Free Movie for you the next time you go. Also, free upgrades on drinks, popcorn, and discounted combos. I've been a member for over a decade and can still remember when it was only tickets that scored you points and you'd get a free drink and/or popcorn for your rewards. AMC credit is much better than that IMO.
Houston AMC Stubs on 5/7/16
Their website is ALWAYS down. Never been able to join or log in online on Chrome or IE or Firefox. Customer service phone line takes forever and they can do next to nothing on it. Why don't they at least have an automated system like for Gift Cards? Transactions are often not entered. Never get notification of account transaction, balance or when points are available or about to expire. Biggest waste of $12 and my time ever
Dong on 11/5/15
So you go from a great free program to having to pay a yearly fee... I still can't believe people pay to join a loyalty program that has you paying to get a "benefit." I had it the first year because it was free but these greedy people wouldn't give me credit for using silver or gold tickets I purchased at Costco so that made my decision of not keeping the expensive card easy.
Raider on 6/24/15
Never again will I waste money at AMC. The Stubs experience is a ridiculous ripoff. I went to the theater knowing I was going to be able to redeem my rewards, only to be informed it was time to spend my money on the "renewal fee", which pretty much depleted any potential available rewards. Movie theaters are stuffy and warm now, not to mention full of strangers. I'll wait for Netflix to have the movie and watch it in my living room with my real kernel homemade popcorn and a non-public restroom from now on. Cut up my Stubs card today, recommend you all do the same.
Never Again on 6/26/14
I was asked today about joining the program by a worker. I explained that going from a free program with good perks to one that I have to pay for is rather cliché. I told the worker when asked "why not?", that getting something for free all the years then changing the program, calling it better and Oh! by the way it costs money, but its better, is AMC preying on stupid people. No matter how AMC/Stubs spins it, the program is terrible and they should maybe fire the guy who came up with this scam. its not bad enough to spend 100$ on popcorn, but to try and convince someone that this program is anything but terrible.... I would think that if you wanted someone to sign up for a service like this you should probably offer it for free and figure it out on the back end to off-set the fee they want to charge. I cant believe people pay it, but then again.... You have to spend more to save more!!!!
John on 4/27/14
As a prior MovieWatcher member, I was also disappointed with the new program. It is a very complicated plan, and I am also offended at paying for a benefit that I essentially used to get for free. Having said that, the plan happens to work out well for me. I usually end up using my stub points to renew, so that helps me get over the fact that they make me pay for the card. I have also been going to Cinema Suites, and AMC is really my only alternative. The food counts towards points, and I can use the points on food. So I make quite a few points.
Luis on 3/30/14
Glad to see there are others like me who have stopped going to AMC due to their ridiculous STUBS program and their greedy practices in general. Here in Southern California, there are several AMC Theatres who are now charging an extra two dollars for using the Costco Gold Experience tickets... are you kidding me? So first they mess up the great Movie Watchers program. Now they start adding a fee for discount tickets you buy. I'm completely done with AMC!! I know go to Regal Cinemas and other theatres near me. The money-grabbing practices exhibited by this corporation have resulted in a once loyal customer abandoning their enterprise. Unfortunately, there are so many people who lack math skills they can't see they are being taken for a ride.
JR on 12/8/13
I too am disappointed that AMC will no longer count your use of the gold and silver discount coupons towards your Stubs Rewards. I won't be renewing next year, it's just not worth it.
J. A. on 10/16/13
Here in California...AMC offers their Matinee at discount price...around 7.50. We mainly go to the Matinee shows but to keep our options open buy Gold and Silver Experience tickets. I went to catch iron man 3 and paid with Gold tickets + paid extra to view IMAX 3d....So I thought, Man this will add up in my stubs account. The person behind the counter then ask your Stubs is expired would you like to renew...I thought yes, I am about to spend $50 now so that is half way to getting my membership back in one movie sitting. Now I am paying with Gold and Silver...You think she would have mentioned something to me. I had no clue that Gold and Silve tickets are excluded..This does kinda Suck...Did I miss an emai..Notification?
Wahappened on 6/7/13
You many think Stubs is a good deal, especially if you go to the movies twice or more a month with a family and pay the standard box office ticket fee along with costs of concessions. However, if you purchase your tickets via AMC Silver or Gold discounts, like I and many do, and avoid the over-priced concessions, Stubs is a total waste of money. Consequently, I gave up as participant of the program when I found out, via the fine print, that Silver and Gold discounts are not eligible for earning points - a significant issue that the AMC employees will neglect to mention during their sale's pitch.
EOB on 4/23/13
I agree that Stubs is a good deal, especially if you go to the movies twice or more a month with a family and pay the standard box office ticket fee along with costs of concessions. However, if you purchase your tickets via AMC Silver or Gold discounts, like I and many do, and avoid the over-priced concessions, Stubs is a total waste of money. Consequently, I gave up as participant of the program when I found out, via the fine print, that Silver and Gold discounts are not eligible for earning points - a significant issue that the AMC employees will neglect to mention during their sale's pitch.
EOB on 4/20/13
I agree basically With RickA. Not being allowed to use gold or silver certificates with the stubs card is a slap in the face. the certificates Were NOT FREE! This is no longer Relevant since the certificates are no longer available. It is also Intolerable to me That And can no longer be used for gift cards which do not expire! I expect to be visiting other theaters much more frequently now Congratulations AMC since taking over the Loews chain you have constantly Made frequent movie goers not want To spend their money with you the rewards points expire
DonM on 2/23/13
when purchasing 3 separate gift i was also charged $12.00 for the Stubs enrollment which I didn't ask for nor was asked. Someone owes me some money.
Anonymous on 2/19/13
I got my initial Stubs card for 6 dollars instead of the 12. That was an okay deal for both of us as I took advantage of the popcorn upgrade. I had stopped buying popcorn prior to Stubs. You can recover your cost reasonably quickly but then making it beneficial...a tougher if you are a lone movie goer. I requested and got a refund on Stubs when they stopped crediting your Stubs account when you used Gold Passes purchased at Costco. There is no way I'm going to pay full price for tickets to get Stubs credit. Its no longer cost effective. After three movies I'd be losing money, not benefitting from Stubs. Ironically I can pay 6 dollars for a morning show but not get credit for the 8 dollar pass. As I understand it Costco offers the passes more as a club benefit to members rather than as a profit source. But if you take your whole family and especially if you buy concessions, you'll probably at least get your money back. Maybe what AMC should do is offer Costco members a 6 dollar Stubs membership since they offer it to first timers anyway.
Rob McDonald on 1/25/13
I collected $50 in AMC rewards last year and $60 the year before. I buy the AMC Gold and Silver tickets in bulk (50 pack) but now that they are no longer eligible I am not a sucker to spend $100 on regular tickets and concession items to get $10 back after paying $12 for membership. I will continue to buy the silver tickets but bye bye AMC loyalty as I will now venture out to Regal, Movies 400 and welcome Groupon tickets at other local theaters. Chinese company bought the AMC and are messing with the program. BYE!
An Avide AMC Fan NO MORE on 1/2/13
I am extremely disappointed with this program! When signing up for this program they do not mention the rewards expire! AMC is quite dishonest and they really dont care people are upset! They do nothing to fix the problem and send you online to complete the complaint. They do respond to your online complaint but if you have questions regarding the response you have to complete another complaint and start all over! Terrible customer service therefore they have lost my loyalty!
Extremely Disappointed on 12/18/12
General Rule that Continues to Serve Me Well: Do not pay to be a part of ANY company's loyalty program. Take your money elsewhere. It is not their right to have you as a loyal customer. It is their privilege. Spend your money at their competitors who want you there,
K on 12/9/12
Greed! Those $10 rewards must be killing the profits. I mean we pay $12 first, then have to get 2 rewards in order to break even. Now they are saying, if you get a discount by using silver and gold tickets, you will no longer get the value added to your Stubs card. I will be going to AMC a lot less. July 2013, don't bother asking me to renew. Your program sucks and I don't care about my ticket stubs. I toss them when I get home.
Dump this card on 12/6/12
I just this last week purchased a card from the theater in Muncie In. and was not aware of these conditions of this card. It looks like I should go back and claim my refund before use of. I wish that I could have read about all of these experience's of these cards being a fraud...... I might try to get my refund. Wish me luck!!!!!
Charles A. Paul Sr. on 12/1/12
I bought the membership less than 6 months ago. Went to the theater recently. Wanted to redeem my rewards only to be told that my points already expired! Hey, if I paid for an annual membership, why am I not allow the entire year to use my points? AMC Stubs is definitely not going to receive my renewal once my annual membership expires come June 2013! I'm a better and wiser consumer now!
Snubbed by Stubs on 11/25/12
It is extremely disappointing that AMC got rid of stubs rewards for silver and gold tickets. They are essentially punishing you for taking advantage of their discounted tickets, even though the ticket sales still go to them. I will have to think about renewing my membership now. It used to be the best rewards program, now it's meh.
Dissapointed Stubs member on 11/17/12
Agreed!!! I will NOT be renewing my membership due to inability to accrue points with my discount tix purchases!
C on 11/16/12
Yes amc has apparently stop Accepting gold tickets ans silver tickets. They had an ingenious plan to created brand loyalty and the screwed it up. My card will not be renewed.
rusty on 11/10/12
THE WORST POSSIBLE MEMBERSHIP EVER!!!! Their system sucks!!! You never know your balance. I used the card once and got really disappointed. I have a long list of the troubles I had with this membership. It would've taken me at least 10 mins describing different issues. Long story-short: I hate AMC, will not renew my membership, will never go to their theaters! I wish them to go bankrupt!!! SCUM!!!
Steady on 11/10/12
Well said, I feel the same way. If I can pay for a discount voucher whether silver or gold I should be able to accumulate points on this purchase with my amc stubs. I will not renew my membership its a waste of time.
Therese on 11/8/12
Cancelled my Stubs cards. Got $12 refund check.
StevieD on 10/31/12
The Stubs card had brought me back to AMC after being loyal to Edwards Cinema for years. This new policy of not allowing Gold Coupons has reversed that. No renewed for me!
Samayoa95 on 10/21/12
I liked the program until now. I normally buy Silver and Gold tickets as work or at Costco. Last weekend, I noticed that I was still $2 short of the $100. I asked and was told, as others noted, that you suddently don't get credits anymore for Gold and Silver ticktes. No one mentioned this when I renewed the card a couple of months ago and paid $12. I actually bought tickets with a Gold card when they asked me to renew my memberhip. Now shortly after I renewed the memebership, they changed the program without even letting anyone know. I am asking for a refund. Will see what happens. I really liked the AMC theatre I go to, but I hate dishonest business practices. So I will probably go back to Edwards going forward.
Rene012 on 10/2/12
AMC sucks they changed the program again: Summary of Terms and Conditions Updates •AMC Gold Experience and AMC Silver Experience tickets are discount items that are NOT eligible toward earning AMC Stubs rewards, either at the time of purchase OR time of redemption. •AMC Stubs Rewards cannot be used to purchase an AMC Gift Card. JUST DONT AGREE TO IT WHEN U LOG ON TO YOUR PAGE. I SHORT OF $1.50 TO EARN MY NEXT REWARD AND WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A GIFT CARD. I MOST LIKELY WILL CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP AND ASK FOR REFUND IF POSSIBLE. SEEM LIKE U NOT ABLE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK AFTER 30 DAYS TOO. A CLASS ACTION WOULD BE A GOOD THING FOR THEM. WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
booooo on 9/27/12
I'm an AMC Stubs member. They just recently changed the terms so that using Gold/Silver tickets will NOT count towards any rewards points. Another slap-in-the-face is that the rewards points can't be used to redeem as a gift card. The two only main things that kept me from thinking the AMC stubs was still okay were now eliminated, so there's no way I'm going to be stubs member next year. Rip off and totally not worth it.
AMC stinks on 9/27/12
We were old moviewatchers members. Loved that program! We go to 3 or 4 movies a month, so we had 24 dollars in rewards on Stubs saved up, (two $10's + 4 toward next one) and went to theater to use them, found out our Stubs had expired, and the rewards were lost forever!!!! Gone, poof, adios. No warning about expiration, used card two weeks earlier no problem, but now all rewards have disappeared. Manager told us that that's the way it is,,,,,ya snooze, ya lose....then he had the brass to ask me if I wanted to pay 12 bucks to renew it, but the old rewards would NOT be reinstated! Moviewatcher was a great program, stubs is a huge gigantic ripoff.
tonys96 on 9/22/12
As with all the other posts on this, I find your logic faulty. I go to the movies pretty frequently, and I get at least $10 a month extra. (Even more if I go with groups and use my card for everything.) I would be spending the money either way, but this has given me back a few hundred dollars over time.
StriderA on 8/30/12
I love my stubs card. My son and I go to the movies at least twice a month. I try and only go early so I get the cheaper tickets but the money adds up fast either way. We would be going to the movies either way (if we did get rewards or didn't) so knowing that every $100 I get $10 back works for me. I have't had to pay yet since first was free and I had $10 reward left when annual was due. BTW I heard the reason for expensive concession is that first two months that the movie plays the ticket money goes back to studios and not to theatre. They basically survive off concession sales. Not sure if that is true but I expect to pay money when i go to movies.
Sharon on 8/29/12