I am Moving to a Different Theater Chain

I also do not agree with the change made for customers to purchase an amc stubs membership. That should come free!!!! For those of us who love movies, amc has stripped the little benefits we use to get. It is a shame, but thankfully we have other choices in theatres. Sorry to say, or should I say happy to say, I am moving on to a different movie theatre!
  • Free popcorn and drink upgrade to next size (ICEEs not included)
  • For every $100 you spend you get $10 non-cash reward (expires after 90 days)
  • No online ticketing fee
  • You get an online gallery that records your movie stubs so you can rate, comment, and share to your social networks
  • If you sign up at your local theatre you get four cards (two regular and two keychains) active and ready to start saving)
  • Any tickets you brought within the last 30 days prior to you buying can be added also
  • Allows special pre-screenings at certain theatrers if a member
  • Receive special posters, pins, and more collectables if a member on opening weekends
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  • You only have 3 months to use your Stubs Points
  • No warning that Stubs is going to expire
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  • 12 dollar annual cost
  • AMC Silver and Gold tickets are not counted towards one's Stubs Reward total
  • Cannot redeem reward when buying tickets online/kiosk
  • If your credit does not get applied, it is almost impossible to get AMC to fix the mistake
  • Not allowed to use it when buying gift cards!
  • Difficult AMC interface, comples password required, confusing to use and slows down ticket purchases
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AMC Stubs Frequently Asked Questions

12 dollars a year
Allows you to get an upgrade in size for popcorn and soda purchases. Example: If you buy a medium popcorn, you get upgraded to a large.
When purchasing popcorn or soda, tell the cashier than you're using your Stubs card and you want a free upgrade from medium to large (for example)

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When My fave theater,Crestwood AMC on Watson Rd., was still open my Stubbs was a great bargain. Now- Not so much! My Gal pals don't wanna drive 35-40 mins to go to Creve Coeur ! Nor do they wanna take their chances on head lice or a mugging at the Esquire! That whole area by Forest Park has gone down hill. Kinda scary now. Dropped one of my kids off to work down the street decided to take my son n nephew to show at the Esquire stead of Crestwood for convenience sake. Gotta park in back an walk thru that dark narrow run to front of building amidst the seedy crowd exiting the previous shows! Was way too intimidated to buy a ticket when we got to window. Went ahead in drove on to Crestwood. I will probably never get rewards I have acrude. Got thirty days left to use em. This is y God created U-verse~~ Ducnrun~~
ducnrun on 9/17/12