We have frequented the Loews (now AMC) theater since pretty much since it opened in 2001. We never new about the movie watchers program but when they came out with the AMC stubs we were excited since we already were going there why not get a little bit back.
Over the years since 2001 we have easily spent over $10,000 there (I know that's ridiculous but we like movies) In addition my wife has planned a company party there for the past five years or so which ends up being between $5000 and $7000. So when we were handing over the credit card this year to pay for the party (that would never have taken place if it weren't for us) we were excited to also hand over our stubs card. We thought it was a great idea to reward repeat customers this way and were determined to make sure the party was there again next year.
So here's the bad part: We never got the points for the party. After reading the terms and conditions, I did not see any reason why we should not have. We spoke with the manager several times and she was not able to help us. She said she kept getting the run around and maybe we would get a better response if we called. After several calls, and back and forth with several different reasons why they weren't going to give us the points it was finally pointed out to us that the rules changed the month before we had the party to not include businesses. We (my wife and I) are not a business however and the only reason the party was there was because of us. This didn't matter and we are continuing to fight to get our points six months later.
Basically the amount was more than they intended to be paying out in this program so they decided not to pay it. We are very disappointed with this program and I guarantee the party will not be at this establishment next year. They may have saved a few bucks by not paying out the points that would have been used at their establishment anyway but they lost a lot more.