I joined AMC Stubs to be able to see movies with a friend. I joined set up my account and saw a few movies. For two months my payments were accepted. On the third they were not. I tried to reach customer service support bu their hours of operation were not open. On the closest weekend I did, but the service rep did not speak English very well and was unable to do anything other than to say my account had been suspended. No information as to why, other than "billing problems". I was told my problem was escalated to IT and they would contact me. No one did. I re-entered my information 2 more times requiring 24-48 hour waits. My membership was suspended then cancelled. I tried reaching customer support as soon as I could reach them during their business hours. I received a person that spoke English but once again could do nothing. IT would be contacted, wait 72 hours. Once again my account was suspended, then cancelled. 7 days of contacting them, not getting through, not receiving any information regarding the actual issue. The people that work at the theaters have been polite, however their customer service is horrible. )