AMC Stubs Program Sucks!

Don't see much value in this programs anymore especially since they dropped the AMC gold/silver ticket usage. I really don't get this. I understand that AMC gold/silver tickets are discounted tickets, but they are still purchased for a cost. These are NOT free tickets. Plus AMC mornings shows cost relatively the same as the AMC gold tickets costs. So why would a morning show ticket purchase count but a Gold/Silver ticket purchase would not count?! ...Additionally you need to spend min $100 to get $10 worth of points. Considering you pay $12 for the membership, this is just a breakeven point. So your really need to spend $200 to see any benefit. Additionally any points earned need to be used within 3 months and there are no alerts or reminders before points expire. Lost a lot of points this way and realized there is no value in this anymore.

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AMC stubs is an insult to American moviegoers all across the country. In Pennsylvania there once were various theaters owned by Carmike Cinemas, an American company, headquartered in Columbus Georgia. The Carmike theaters had a simple rewards program that offered $5 tickets and 1/2 off concessions for any show on any Tuesday. It was simple, effective, and a true value both to the consumer and the company. On Tuesdays the parking lot would fill up with a steady stream of moviegoers, mostly older citizens, who kept the theater busy. The program seemed to be a success and it turned Tuesdays into a money making opportunity for Carmike Cinemas and a value for their customers. Then the Chinese owned AMC company bought Carmike Cinemas and the insults to intellect immediately began. The theater posted hand bills informing the public that the Tuesday discounts would end but by joining AMC Stubs they could continue to enjoy the same great benefits. They could not be more wrong! \__(**)__/ The AMC Stubs program is confusing, limiting, and extremely unrewarding. If you try to take advantage of their senior citizen discounts you discover that tickets must be purchased online in order to receive a $2 discount. But then AMC then adds back in a $1.50 convenience fee. I can do enough math to understand that this is no real value for the consumer. It does however support the perception that the Chinese are good at math. At least as long as the outcome benefits them.
JCB929 on 4/12/17
Stubs is a bum deal for a majority of moviegoers. It needs to be put out to pasture.
ConsumerPete on 6/20/13
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Stubs is a bum deal for a majority of moviegoers. It needs to be put out to pasture.
By ConsumerPete on 6/20/13