The unveiling of the AMC Stubs card was indeed a big move in the movie-going industry. At its very best this card is intended to help repeat customers save a little cash (which is important in any economy) and to help the companies bottom line (keeping prices low for less than regular customers).
I believe that many consumers take AMC rewards card for granted. While this is primarily AMC's fault, (for giving out free movie watcher rewards card in the first place)people need to understand that AMC is not obligated to provide a rewards card at all. That said let's look at the facts.
This card for the yearly membership fee of $12 per year will land you 4 things:
1.)Free upgrades on popcorn/drinks (up to a $2.00 savings in the Seattle Market)
2.)$10 on every $100 you spend in the theater (in-theater use only)
3.)Eliminates Fandango extra online fees (you don't pay extra to buy tickets online with this card)
4.) An online stub collection so that your "stubs are immortal". This interesting online feature may not let you save any money but you can certainly keep track of how much you have saved in addition to your new ticket stubs library.
There are numerous way to save money with this card but it is not right for everyone! However, if you spend $200 in the theater yearly you are actually "making" money. Interestingly enough it's not as hard as one might think to spend that much: 2 people + #1combo X 6 visits comes to about $ 200 in the Seattle market. That's it. 6 visits out of the 365 days a year that the theater is open (once every other month) and the theater has given you more money than what you spent to purchase the card.
The age of affordable ticket/concession pricing is over as its costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just so a theater can house a single film. AMC has chosen to combat increased concession/ticket pricing with a recurring membership for loyal customers.