I work at an AMC theater and I too am against the Stubs program. Not only does it affect our customers, it affects the employees as well. The company wants to push this program so hard that they will fire anyone who is against it. Anyone not willing to sell Stubs is fired. Anyone speaking negatively about Stubs is fired. Just recently an employee of 6 years was fired from my theater for not selling as many Stubs as he was supposed to. He was an employee that had no problems in the past. His only offence was he wasn't a good sales person.
It doesn't stop there. They now have employees competing against each other. Whom ever sells the most gets prizes. This kind of competition causes hostility in the work place. The employees now care less about our customers. They only see our customers as dollar signs or another point on the board. We used to have a policy where we would call our customers Guests and we would treat them as if they were a guest in our home. Our motto used to be to create the best out of home entertainment experience. It used to be fun working in a theater. I enjoyed watching the excitement people had when they came in to see their next favorite movie. Now, I'm looking for a new job.
A reward card should be a free bonus for being loyal to a store. You shouldn't have to pay to show your loyalty, especially when the rewards are the same as the free rewards of the competitors.