AMC Worker. Name: Danny.
I gain nothing from you buying a STUBS card. I am not from corporate. I am a lowly theater worker who gets minimum wage. If anyone should be writing about the program it’s the lowly worker who has to deal with it every single shift they are working and get scapegoat blamed with all the negative criticism.
I know the program like the back of my hand (which I actually don’t know that well… so that expression always befuddled me… anyways moving on. All right folks it’s time for MATH and plain logic.
* Every $100 you spend you get $10 back.
-I’m not an idiot Danny. Why would I pay $12 so that I can only get $10? 12>10 DUH!
Well [insert skeptic's name here] the 12 you pay for the year actually goes towards that 100 so it comes back to you and helps you get your 10 back faster. Also, you’re forgetting about the discounts at concessions that will also save you money. You will get a $1 off every popcorn and $0.50 off of every fountain drink. So two popcorns, 4 sodas, or 1 popcorn and 2 sodas equals that missing $2 gap to break even!
-Okay Danny touche! BUT I don’t go to concessions because I don’t want to get a cholesterol attack and DIE! Also, I know that concessions is where you make the most profit and rip us off… punk!
Okay that’s still fine :). With our program if you register your card online at our Stubs website with your birthday we give you a coupon for a free large drink (free refills to drown your daily life tribulations and sorrows away as well as to torture your bladder.)
*large drink = $5.75
*5.75 > 2 Now you’re not only breaking even [insert skeptic's name here] but you are making a net profit… aka rolling in that extra 3.75 dough wooh! *waives online ticketing fees on fandango which are somewhere between $1.50-$3
Did I mention [insert skeptic's name here] that if you buy tickets online you are saving even more money! I think we can safely say you are more than breaking even… heck you won the freaking lottery with this card! OH MAN!
- Okay whatever Danny! It’s still against my ethics to pay for a rewards card. No one else does it and [insert competitor theater here] has free rewards!
Not trying to instigate a fight but I’m going to have to call BS on that last one. Let me drop three companies on you right now. Barnes and Nobles. REI. Costco. I’m sorry. I actually truly am b/c you are wrong and angry that you are wrong… therefore you will proceed to make me miserable by being unruly and angry. Also,[insert skeptic's name here] excuse my vulgarity… or should I say French,