AppleCare Apple really doesn't Care

I went to the apple store at Victoria Gardens in California. It was quite crowded, but the techs were very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. However, when I purchased my iPhone 4, the Apple tech also included the $60 AppleCare without my knowledge.
Although AppleCare is a good product for a $2500 laptop, i don't think its worth it for a $300 iPhone. My bill came to about $460 dollars, and when I asked for a breakdown of the bill, he said the charges included "a combination of taxes and renewal fees" and since I'm already an ATT subscriber, he also mentioned how "$500 was deducted" from the "actual" price of the phone, (so I guess that should make me feel better). At no point did he mention that he was charging me for AppleCare. He then told me not to worry and once I pay, he would print and email me a copy of the breakdown of charges.
I came in with idea that I would buy a new iPhone 4 for about $316 dollars and be out and instead I ended up paying about $120 more then I thought! At this point, he passes me off to another tech to finish the iPhone registration and activation process. The new tech then finally prints out my receipt which is when I see the charge for AppleCare. I ask if it can be refunded since I didn't think that service was something I needed. The tech explains to me, that if I wanted a refund, I would have to return the iPhone 4 as well, undo all the charges, and then REBUY the iPhone and go through activation and setup again! (At this point we have been at the store for about 30 minutes and I needed to be someplace else soon).
I found the whole thing ridiculous. Why couldn't they simply remove the charge?? I felt like I had been duped into buying something that I had no intention of buying. Because of time constraints, I had to go and agreed to live with my unintentional AppleCare service.
It would be great if my AppleCare could be refunded.

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This is the conclusion to my AppleCare debacle as posted above. A few days after the incident, Apple shot me an email asking for my experience at the Apple Victoria Gardens store. I wrote pretty much the same thing as I did above. A few days later, an AppleCare Manager named Jared from the same Apple store gave me a call to talk to me about incident. He apologized and assured me it was not Apple's policy to dupe people into buying AppleCare without the customers knowledge. Not only did he offer to refund my AppleCare, but he also said he would try to refund me and let me STILL KEEP my AppleCare because of all the inconvenience. We then arranged a time to meet, which was about 2 weeks after the call (since the process would all have to happen at the same location I made the purchases, hence the inconvenience). Time passes, and I go to the AppleStore to get my refund. The person at the store greeted me and pointed me towards Jared (the manger). The place was incredibly busy, and I explained who I was. He remembered me and then sent me over to the genius bar where an Associate helped me out with my refund. I was hoping that he would let me keep the AppleCare as he mentioned, however, this didn’t happen. The refund process involved several managers having to authorize the refund. Finally, after my 30 minute drive to the Applestore, and almost a 40 minute wait…I got a $69 cash refund for the AppleCare!
TheBman on 5/20/11