Snagged a 4-pack of Advantage Cafe Caramel Shake by Atkins at the local Ralphs after my lunch workout. It was the cheapest nutritional-eqsue drink that I could find on the shelves.
Just by looking at the packaging, I knew I had a clear winner in my hands. It had the words "Cafe Caramel" on it. How could I possibly go wrong with what I thought was going to be the Starbucks of healthy beverage drinks, right? Wrong.
This drink is actually garbage. The consistency is not that of a shake and the taste is not that of cafe caramel. In realty, it tastes as if someone took a swig of milk, added a dash of artificial caramel flavoring, and mixed it around their mouth for 15 seconds and spit it back out into a tetra pack. This is really what Atkins Advantage Cafe Caramel Shake tastes like.