I was charged a 20 dollar fee for failing to meet a minimum balance for one of my Bank of America accounts. Rather than waive this fee and allow me to transfer X amount of dollars from my other account, I was mailed a couple of pamphlets describing their account terms.
Curious to know if there were any state regulations regarding minimum balance fees, I sent the below to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Hello,
Is there a rule that requires banks to notify its customers of an increase in fees? I'm trying to find the exact text regarding this.
I was then promptly sent back a response of:
Thank you for contacting the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). Although the information you provided indicates that this is an issue that falls outside of the DCA's regulatory authority, we would like to offer alternative options and information for possible resolution of your complaint.
We recommend you contact the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). DFI regulates finance companies and licenses state banks, state savings and loans, trust companies, state offices of foreign banks, issuers of travelers checks and payment instruments (money orders), transmitters of money abroad, state credit unions, and industrial loan (thrift and loan) companies. Please contact DFI directly at the following:
California Department of Financial Institutions 1810 13th Street Sacramento, CA 95811 Telephone: (916) 322-5966 Web site: http://www.dfi.ca.gov
We hope you find this information helpful. Again, thank you for contacting DCA.
Correspondence Unit J30