I have Time Warner Internet. My internet bill started out at $29.99, then gradually increased to $37.99, to $47.99, then to $57.99; this was all in a 3 year period. Mind you, this was only their Standard Speed package. Anyway, I spoke with 5 customer representatives that day to try to lower my bill. They wouldn't give me any promotions or renew my old promotional price which was $47.99 at that time!!! The Reps are also trying to sell you "Bundles" like TV and/or phone service with the internet when you talk to them. Long story short, I called the next day. I asked if they have senior citizen discount. The rep came back on the phone and stated there was no senior citizen discount in my area, but he could give me an $18.00 discount which brought my bill down to 39.99/month for a year ($57.99- $18.00=$39.99). Thank you Time Warner.