Beats By Dr. Dre

Want headphones that you can't use without batteries? Get yourself some Beats. Not! The headphones looks and feels great and produces some nice sounds but the serious flaw above coupled with the constant changing of batteries just killed this user's experience.
  • Price! 300 dollars!
  • Headphones DON'T work without batteries. A HUGE flaw.
  • Supplied monster cables way too short. Should have provided longer wires.
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the beats would be a steal if they were selling for $49.99 and not a penny more. from the description: "Ready for iPhone Stay connected without missing a beat. Beats comes with an additional Monster iSoniTalk iPhone enable headphone cable with built-in answer button and microphone so you can easily stop rockin’ and start talkin’." Honestly, WTF. The unit lacks volumn control. you figure for a 300$ of shiiiiiit it'd have that nice feature. you can't even make calls from the control; only answer and skip forward or backward on the ipod. "Extreme Comfort is Music to Your Ears With Beats, you feel the music, not the headphones. Spacious earcups give you extra room for a higher level of listening comfort. Plush ear cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable materials keep you cool even when the music’s hot." It was indeed comfortable for the first hour or so, then my ears just got hot and stuffy. Also, the piano black finish smears and stains way too easily. the upkeep on these expensive pair of headphones just isn't worth the time or effort. "It’s All About Sound Monster design in a professional-grade studio headphone Three years of thorough research and development resulted in the most incredible headphone speaker ever built. Beats features highly advanced materials and construction to deliver a new level of audio accuracy and clarity. Combining extra-large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier, Beats delivers an unprecedented combination of super deep bass, smooth undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals never heard before from headphones." I don't recall monster being a force in the sound industry. what proven technologies do they have? you are much better off buying AudioTechnica or Entymotics.
hearing-aid on 12/23/10
That sounds like a major product flaw. I've never used a pair of noise canceling headphones where a battery was absolutely required. Sounds like their designers put form above function on this product.
ConsumerPete on 12/23/10