Black & Decker ASI300 Air Pump

Top down view
The PSI gauge lights up!
The on and off switch
Top down view
The Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator is a relatively decent air compressor that I purchased from on Amazon for around 40 bucks.
The display gauge lights up when the Air Station is in use. This is great for those evenings when you need to put a little bit more air in your car tires, or when you need to fill an air mattress while camping. A great feature of the Air Station is its ability to set the target PSI that you want your object to be filled to and the Air Station will automatically shut off.
The unit feels lighter than expected. Based on the size of the Air Station, it appears to be larger than it actually needs to be and the air hose is extremely short. This was a major disappointment in my opinion. The on/off switch is situated on the lower back-end of the unit, and it is covered by the power cord. This is kind of annoying.
If you don’t the weaknesses of this product will ruin your experience, I think this is a decent air compressor to own. I wouldn't recommend it to my friends and family though.
  • Stops off when PSI level is met
  • Has a gauge light -- easy to see in the dark
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  • Seems larger than it needs to be
  • On/off switch is located in an inconvient location
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