This single 8 dollar USB gaming controller is responsible for smiles, laughs, cursing and more with friends and family. I picked it up on Amazon after playing some classic games at a friends house and was thinking, this needs to be played on a real controller. I was a bit hesitant to buy it on Amazon after reading the reviews. The comments on quality discouraged me, but I decided to take a chance and get it.
It comes packaged in a pretty decent cardboard box and has a long extension cable. The controller visually looks exactly like a NES controller, but you can see the artifacts and minor swirls from the plastic manufacturing process. The controller feels thicker than the old NES controller (I didn't do a side-by-side, but it feels this way). The controller is very playable and the long extension cord is a awesome because its long enough to give you some room when you're using it on a home theater PC or one hooked up in your living room.
My only gripe is that the down button is a bit off. Whenever I hit down, I have to do it in a very particular way. I can live through this defect, since most games don't require you to use the down directional button. Should you buy this? Yes if you have a PC, can obtain the ROM games, and have a love for old school Nintendo games.