Builders Surplus has a great selection of bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinetry at reasonable prices. However, these low prices come at a cost -- no return policy and no product support.
As part of the purchase process, Builders Surplus unboxes the actual item that you are purchasing in front of you, so that you the consumer can inspect the product to ensure there are no manufacturing flaws (scratches, misapplied sealer, etc.). Why can't Builders Surplus just inspect the product themselves? Why put the onus of quality inspection on their customer when they're staffed with people knowledgeable about the products that Builders Surplus sells?
Builders Surplus shouldn't be advertising on local radio stations to retail consumers if it cannot provide the service and support that retail consumers require i.e. returns and product support.
For those that want to save some bucks and want a quality product, Builders Surplus is a great store. Buyers beware -- once you accept the product, that's it -- no returns.