I'm currently in the process of cleaning my garage floor, and after many failed attempts to remove stubborn stains with a hose, brush, and Simple Green all-purpose cleaner, I decided that I needed the help of a pressure washer. Rather than forking out 50 bucks a day for rental, I decided to buy a into a Campbell Hausfeld PW1805 electric pressure washer from Amazon.com for 160 dollars.

My experience of this product:
  • The metal prongs of the AC adapter that plug into the power outlet were bent 90 degrees.
  • The plastic fitting that that connects the pressure washer with the garden hose was defective. Note: You'll know whether is defective or not when water sprays out from it when your hose is turned on.
  • Since the lance holder isn't screwed in, every time you pull out the lance, you'll probably pull out the plastic rack that is also holding it.

Even though I had the above and the previous model of this pressure washer by Campbell Hausfeld had some pretty poor reviews, it appears that the issues that plagued the previous model were corrected in this model. There are still some more design improvements that need to be made with the current model, but appears to be a decently built pressure washer for the money.