Carl’s Jr. Drive Thru Feedback (Part 1 of 2)

So, I was eating a breakfast burrito when a bunch of salsa juice leaked all over my clothes before heading to work. Out of what I call 'consumer rage' (which I found myself guilty of), I wrote the below to Carl's Jr.

When I ask for no cheese, that doesn't mean I want extra chopped tomatoes added to my steak and egg burrito. This isn't Taco Bell. I didn't ask for my burrito to be "Fresco" style.

If you are going to add chopped tomatoes, please don't slop in extra salsa water into the burrito. It just runs out metal foil and will drain onto whatever surface is beneath it e.g. hands/arms/clothing/car seats.

Note: Getting the build of a burrito is particularly important because this type of food falls under the 'hand-held' category. So, getting the build wrong could possibly ruin the experience of the customer.

Note: I also saw a truck driver walk his 6 dollar burger back into your restaurant (probably because his order was messed up).

Please get it together.

Carl's Jr. answered the above email promptly and professionally -- a sign when a company truly cares about its customers (unlike Del Taco). For Carl's Jr.'s great follow-up email, please follow the article link below.

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Ordered 2 burgers, Fries & drink came to $19.00 unbelievable. Service was terrible employee was rude. Lettuce, onions & tomatoes where slapped half way on the burgers. I'll never return there. In & Out are the best in food & service.
janet on 7/2/18
Hi I went to your carls Jr in Murray utah.And NOT only did you get me and my Moms order wrong but you didnt listen to us the first time.I ordered a number 5 plain combo and my mom order a turkey sandwich.But when we got back my burger had cheese on it.And Im deathly allergic to cheese. And my Mom never got her burger. The manager did nothing.So we had to pay more money out of our pocket for our OWN food seriously.I want a free meal and my Money back and I want them do a serious rehail on that place in murray utah.If this is NOT fixed I will sue you for every dime you have and have them shut down and out of work
not happy customer on 10/17/12
Would like to comment on my order tonight and also on previous orders from the Carl's jr. on Harrison blvd. 4 out of the 5 times I have ordered from this location I did not receive the correct items. Getting all the way home then having to return. Tonight I was even treated as if I was trying to steal an additional item. I had to go as far as to have the cook verify he only made one low carb burger. Then instead of providing me with the burger I paid for the clerk wanted to refund the money! I had to defend myself in front of other customers. After confirming with the cook she finally completed my order then asked if I wanted a free ice cream sandwhich. I didnt want free food but should have been treated with a little more respect, as I had done with the new cashierearlier. There has to be a better way to treat your customers when these inevitable situations occur.
Jodie on 9/5/12