Costco Car Battery Failed at 21 Months

I purchased an Interstate group 78, (model number on battery looks to be 850263), 800 CCA battery purchased 3/30/2015 and now the battery won't hold a charge after 21 months. Costco's warranty is 42 months. Heading to Costco for a free replacement. I can't find this battery on Interstate's website and am wondering if the batteries Costco sells is a substandard version?
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Have a Kirkland Signature battery in my 2004 Chevy Cavalier with 133k miles. Sticker shows the battery made 7/11 and I bought it August 2011. Almost 6 years later, it's mostly working but starting to wane.
Ohioan on 4/25/17
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Actually it is not substandard . Imn fact one of the top of the line Interstate batteries called MEGA-TRON PLUS is close to 160 dollars at other outlets .you will that some of the Interstate batteries like there 850259 65-850 battery has almost the same specs as the Interstate mega tron . You have to remember that costco buys these by hundreds of thousands thus why you get a cheaper price than a full retail price . Interstate batteries have been around for decades and for good reason .