I have been a member of Costco for years now. I love the place and shop there at least once a week, spending hundreds of dollars on everything from baby products to tires. That is why it hurts me so to write this complaint which I feel is warranted and a call to action for Costco to shape up on their produce selection.
Have you ever bought produce and had to return it because it was so bad that even cutting around the unwanted parts was not worth the hassle? Cuties that are void of flavor and juice; pomegranates that are rotten inside; cucumbers that are limp or moldy; pineapples that are void of juice and flavor and show signs of mold at the bottom. The list goes on and on, ranging from sweet onions to strawberries to watermelon to mangoes. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen ALL of the time, just about 40% of the time, which is way too high in my opinion, especially for a place where membership is required. If I wanted such low quality products, I could have easily gone to a third rate supermarket and paid half the price and not even pay membership fees or wait in ridiculously long lines. Picking the right produce is tricky and I understand that and I, like everyone else, will try my best to pick out the "best" ones but face it, we are no experts when it comes to choosing produce and understand that there will bedisappointments. It is just that as a proud member of Costco for years now, I have come to expect better from Costco.
Costco has a great return policy, even on produce if you didn't know. Then why not just return them you might be wondering? I have and will continue to do so but gas is expensive nowadays and a box of strawberries or a bag of cuties may not be worth the trip or the time.
Along time ago while patiently waiting in line to return a vacuum cleaner, I laughed (in my mind) at another customer waiting in line to return a box of strawberries. I had thought to myself something along the lines of, "OMG. Come on, its a box of strawberries. How bad can they be?" Now I know.