Costco Produce Sucks

I'm done buying produce at Costco. Cuties Clementines taste bad, lettuce is 2nd grade, and I've even bought oranges that I found out were moldy 2 days later!
Trader Joe's is now where I get my produce.

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I agree 100%. Their produce is garbage. I had some organic lettuce go bad the day after I bought it. A bag of "organic" broccoli says "made in China" on the bag. Who would buy that!?! They should be able to bring in TONS of organic produce, but they won't. WholeFoods is across the highway from Costco. They're ALWAYS busy. Even in a bad economy, people will pay for QUALITY! Costco doesn't seem to care!
Lynn Vanna on 6/20/12
I prefer to get my fruits and veggies at Fresh and Easy!
Emily on 5/28/11