Great speakers. Been through multiple different PC speakers, old school speakers where all sounds coming from a single module fits my taste the best. After all, when a person speaks you shouldn't expect deeper voice from his foot and the high pitch from his mouth right?
Now get back to this speakers. I will start with the obvious first,
Build Quality: The speakers are really well build. The nobs in the front are made with real metal with some weight which gives the speaker a high end feel.The glossy front panel fits my system well with all black color tone. The blue light around the volume nob makes it really elegant. The speaker looks better than the pictures online, you just have to see it in real life.
Sound: It is easy to identify cheap speaker sound however, when the speaker surpasses the norm, it become a subjective opinion. T20 definitely surpasses the norm, the speakers have a rich mid range which gives a "warm" feel. The sound quality really stands out when playing Racing game Split Second. Often times the sound effect of by passing object tricks my brain to think my girlfriend came out early. What I'm trying to say is the sound is good enough to trick me to thing it occurred in the real world.
Final Thought: Price tag 85 is a bit pricey when comparing to other 2.0 speakers. But I love my purchase. the look, quality and the sound makes me believes that this is my final PC speaker purchase.