Dashub describes itself as being an "Online Auto Auction" website even though it provides no web-based real-time bidding ability. Dashhub is located on the East Coast and provides East Coast hours support. That means for us in the West Cost, you'll be listening to a "mailbox is full message" when you try to get status on your delivery at 4pm in the afternoon.

Entering a bid

This bid isn't made real-time via the website. Instead, this value is used by their sales proxies to make a bid on your behalf. If you make a bid on a vehicle, expect a Dashub sales person to reach out and ask you what your highest bid limit is.

Note: It has been noted from past customers that if your bid amount (more like your bid cap) is the amount you will be billed even if Dashub wins the auction with a lower price.

Winning an auction

Dashub will give you a phone call if you in the auction. At this point in time they will provide all the forms you will need to fill out, and ensure you complete a wire transfer to pay for any remaining fees/balance needed to complete the transaction.


After you have completed your paper work, Dashub will start working on having your vehicle delivered (in my case, delivery cost 350 dollars).


Dashub will contact you and let you know of when your car will be delivered. In my case, I took a vacation day off from work and waited until 10pm with a no show driver.

There was no follow-up by Dashub to ensure the vehicle was delivered. Instead, I had to call them and figure out what was going on. It turns out that they were working with a new driver.

Well, I don't think it was too smart on their end to work out with a driver they haven't contracted with before. What's the worst that could happen. A late delivery and giving a new customer a bad taste in their mouth?


Dashub provides vehicle auction broker services. It's website does not provide real-time auction bidding. All communication is done manually via email (old school and error prone). They do not have a CRM system to ensure customer inquires are tracked and answered in a prompt manner.

Dashub delivered my car late and didn't give me any updates communicating this. I was waiting until 10pm for the driver to show up -- what an epic disappointment.

After receiving the vehicle late and waiting the 5 business days as noted, I still did not receive the vehicle title. They promised to check my title status everyday, but this did not happen. When asking them where my title is, they got defensive and copped an attitude.

What's the point of paying for a broker service like Dashub when you get shoddy communication and can't even get vehicle title weeks after you receive a car.


Dashub stinks like week old garbage. Prior customers have noted that the "bid" paid to Dashub is HIGHER than what Dashub pays Copart!! So Dashub charges you higher than what it pays Copart and pockets the difference. Talk about a super shady and illegal business practice.

Save yourself time, hassle, and from potentially getting scammed and go directly to Copart. Do the actual bidding so you can ensure no broker is inside dealing with the auction house. Don't even consider Dashub since you don't want a 3rd party holding up your transaction longer than it needs to be.

Dashub Frequently Asked Questions

No. Dashub is a legitimate business that delivers. They deliver slowly and painfully, but they deliver.
No. Just bid directly on Copart.com and avoid an extra layer of hassle.
Dashub's team was courteous, but I always had to ask and push for status. I spent so much time sending emails that I personally will never use Dashub again.
Depends on your risk appetite and mechanical inclination. Caveat Emptor.
Dashub's website doesn't support real-time bidding.