This last weekend I was lucky enough to score a Dyson DC33 for around 230 bucks at a local retailer. I was pretty thrilled to use this vacuum, especially since I would finally be able to see if Dyson's marketing claims are indeed real, or just a bunch of fluff.
After vacuuming the downstairs of a family member's home, the Dyson DC33 blew me away with the amount of dust and dog hair that it picked up (see photos below). I actually hand sifted the vacuum trappings to see how much carpet piling was removed; I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the vacuum went pretty easy on the carpet.
After completing the entire home, I was impressed by the Dyson's performance, but felt the vacuum was lacking in some areas.
In summary, the Dyson DC33 vacuum reminds me driving a Mercedes C-Class. Both products are engineered quite well, but for those with more particular tastes might want to keep their eyes open for a more higher-end product.
The Dyson DC33 is technologically superior to my Eureka Boss MZ4870 in many ways, but the Eureka 4870MZ is still my favorite and preferred vacuum.