The upright Eureka Boss Smart Vac GZ4870 is an affordable powerhouse that captures dust and debris with ease. In addition to its strong vacuum power (which is its main selling point), I'm a big fan of the extension hose and brush which I used to suck up built up dust on my floor baseboards as well as taking care of spiders and other creepy crawlies that may roam within my home.
Make sure you have the carpet pile height adjusted properly. If not, you may end up beating up your carpet fibers more than necessary. The brush on this vacuum is unforgiving on cheap quality carpets. I also noticed that the vacuum did a perfect job on refreshing the fibers (so that they would stand upright).
Rather than have all of the carpet piling end up in the vacuum, I set the height adjustment of the vacuum to ‘high carpet’. It would have been nice to have an adjustable power control that would allow me to throttle the power of this monster, but at its price, I cannot complain.
The Eureka Boss is is a bit on the heavier side when compared to a Dyson, but this is due to its larger motor and higher strength plastic. If you don't want to lug around this heavy duty monster, this possibly could be a deal breaker for you. Also, if you are careless about your vacuuming you can do some damage your fine furniture and baseboards easily due to the momentum that this can carry while navigating throughout your home and around your furnishings.