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I purchased a 5 piece furniture set from Far Below Retail in Santa Ana, CA. The personnel were chill and the order taking process was straight forward and simple. Fast forward to the delivery. There was a 2 man team who broke down the boxes and lugged the furniture upstairs. Everything went well until they left. After close inspection of the furniture, I saw a tear in the bed frame material. It's hard to tell if this tear was caused during installation or shipment. I hope Far Below Retail will be able to resolve this issue for me. Since it's a small shop, I'm not very hopeful, but we'll see.
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Far Below Retail's piss poor delivery and installation resulted in the damage of multiple pieces of furniture. I called Far Below Retail 4 times, and each time, I was told that this issue would be resolved. Far Below Retail is a fly by night business that does...
ConsumerPete on 6/28/13