Financial Strength Builder Cannot Be Trusted

Financial Strength Builder states in its Terms of Service that "TFG Inc and its agents and employees, hereby disclaim any responsibility for any consequences of the use by anyone of the information contained at this site." and "... are not meant to be a substitute for professional advice."
Do you really want to give your information to a website that doesn't even stand behind the information that it presents?
Your financial well-being is a very personal matter. Rather, than give your information to a fly by night website, do yourself a favor and go to a trusted website like

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these are the same bozo's who profited big time on the downturn of the economy over the last few years by selling debt settlement "services".. their highlight was when they sent out this disgraceful ad: You can find a slew of information on their "best practices" (aka "worst practices") and find out how they'll take your money and then give you a video on how to save money.. a classic scheme
somebody on 12/27/12