Poor Battery life of Garmin Nuvi 650

I bought a Garmin Nuvi 650. After using it for a year, I found that the battery is no longer working on its own. I have to plug in the power charger every time I want to use it otherwise it just shuts off.
I'm planning to contact the manufacture and ask for a trade-in.

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My nuvi 650 had the same problem. It simply would not work without being plugged in. Given that I had all my addresses in my 650 (and its a good GPS otherwise), I decided to change the battery rather than spend on a new gps and it is working well again. Here is where I got it: http://www.newpower99.com/Battery_for_Garmin_Nuvi_650_p/garmin%20nuvi%20650.htm
Aaron K. on 2/24/12