Account Removal Request Denied on

I have an account on and they did not have an option to delete my account like other job sites do (,,,, etc.). I contacted them at and they replied back: "This issue has already been presented to our developers, and there are no current plans to have this functionality implemented in our system." This is an inherent violation of my privacy and any other users on who also requested their accounts/information to be deleted and was denied.

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Thank you "R" for sharing your experience. I have no doubt that there are many others who have felt frustrated as well. I, too, wasn't able to delete my account, which is definitely a red flag since one should be free to do so. I strongly sense the vibrations of manipulation, control and misuse (or even abuse) of power at play. I suppose applicants can check in any time they like, but can never leave. Sound familiar? Hmmm.
Barbara on 8/10/17