Bought it for $50 at Dick's Sporting Goods. I wanted to return it almost immediately after I mounted it to my trunk and put my bike on it. It did not feel very secure at all. It's good that the arms are made out of some sort of metal but the joints that allow the load bearing arm to rotate was made out of plastic. Once mounted on the car, the arm to hold the bike can be rotated independently by pulling a lever to release the joint. Once the lever is released and the joint locks, the arm is still able to shift up and down a centimeters or two...not a confidence builder.
In addition, when the bike is on the rack, there is nothing keeping the lower half of the bike from swaying and hitting my car. To resolve this, I had to use the slack from the hook straps to tie the bike in place.
Finally, the strap to hold the bike frame in place locks by having 4 nubs go into 4 holes. Although it takes some effort to get it to lock in place, I was concerned that the vibration from driving might dislodge the nubs. This concern was also echoed in the online reviews I read. Again I used the slack from the hooks to try to further secure the bike to the rack.
When driving with it on the freeway, I couldn't help but stay in the slow lane. I honestly thought my bike was going to end up mangled on the road. Luckily, it didn't happen the one time I used it.
There are two good things about the Graber Guardian 2. The 6 hook system added to the stability of the unit on my trunk...although the quality of the buckles was questionable. Second, the fact that the load bearing arm is able to rotate 180 degrees while still on my car is nice. That means when I don't have my bike on it, I can rotate the arm completely in and reduce the profile of the unit.
Regardless, I finally had time to return it today and got a Thule Thruway 2 on sale for $60. Let's see how this one goes.