Having grown up mowing lawns with both cylinder and rotary lawn mowers, I've always been skeptical about their electric powered alternatives. After watching a GreenWorks Lawnmower struggle to cut an overgrown lawn, I'm still skeptical about them. However, I'd like to discuss this a little bit more to give you a fair picture with a little self directed Q and A.
Was the lawnmower able to cut grass? Yes. What it about to cut overgrown grass? Yes, but it struggled during this ordeal. How was the noise level? Not as bad as using a traditional gas powered lawn mower. Would you buy one yourself? Possibly. I like the ability of not needing to keep a spare gas tank, but at the same time, I dont like the fact that it peters out when faced with a little adversity. However, to be fair, if you mow your lawn every week, you shouldn't run into this problem.