A customer sent the below email to H&M corporate hoping to get a resolution, but he has not received a response from H&M corporate yet via email. It has been 4 days since the email was sent to H&M.
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: xxxxx xxxxxxxx Date: Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 10:29 AM Subject: Poor Service/Return Policy To: customerservice@hm.com
To Whom it May Concern
This email is to inform you of some rather poor service I've been dealing with H&M over the past month. I'm hoping we can resolve this and move on.
On Dec 17th I bought a pair of pants at an H&M store at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga for $32.27. I decided I didn't like the pants and returned them on Dec. 26th at the H&M store at the Galleria at Tyler since I was in the area. I couldn't find the original receipt, however, but the pants had all there original tags. Because of this, the cashier said she could not give me a cash refund, and instead could only give me store credit. She then processed my information and gave me a paper receipt with store credit that I could use at any H&M. I thought it was very strange that she would only give me a receipt (a piece of paper that i could've easily lost), vs an actual H&M gift card. (Also note that of this writing, I have found the original receipt)
Then in January, I went to an H&M near where I work in the Irvine Spectrum to use my store credit. I shopped for over an hour, and finally walked up to the cashier to make my purchase. I handed the cashier my store credit receipt? She was puzzled and then asked if I had an H&M gift card. I told her I was never given one and proceeded to tell her the story of what happened. She then called her manager who said they would not be able to process the store credit/gift receipt and that I would have to go back to the H&M where I was issued the credit, and talk to manager there about this situation. I was furious. This has already wasted so much of my time.
So the next day, I called the manager (John) at the H&M at the Galleria. He asked me several questions pertaining to the credit/receipt (time, register number). He then said he will talk to his security personnel and call me back. I promptly received a call back, where John told me that he has video of me 'clearly' receiving the a gift receipt, my drivers license AND a gift card from the cashier. I told him that was false, that I never got the gift card, all I got was a gift receipt. which is the entire cause of this fiasco. I then asked him if