From: [email-removed] To: [email-removed] Subject: Questionable practices Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 11:19:23 -0600
Hi [Name Removed], I recently took my Honda CR-V 2007 in for an oil change, tire rotation, and brake inspection. I received a phone call from the person who handled my car saying that the front brakes needed to be replaced and the rotors needed repair. The serviceman quoted me some price in the couple of hundreds, enough for me to raise an eyebrow and ask around for a second opinion. Luckily, I have a certified bmw master technician friend who volunteered to check out the things that I was told and he told me that I should consider going to a different mechanic. The front brakes didn’t look alarming at all and my rotors were just fine.
Speaking of which, the same friend told me to ask for pricing on the parts at your store. I was alarmed to see the huge disparity in parts prices between HondaWorld and Norm Reeves Honda. Your parts department is by no means competitive, especially during a time when there is such a financial burden! Front brakes at Honda World for cr-v 2007 = 100$, while at Norm Reeves = 78$.
I’m writing to you because as Service Manager I would expect that your team treat the customers that come in and out fairly. I would also expect that your store be competitive with other Honda dealers in the area. I would hate to phantom how much your team has ripped off customers who do not shop around or ask for a second opinion!
[name removed]