does not make available the list the requirements and conditions when filing a claim with Access America (the provider of travel insurance sold on This is mostly likely because; if you actually read the conditions for filing a claim, you'll find out that there'll be no reason for purchasing this product.
If you feel you MIGHT run into one of the below situations during your travel plans, travel insurance is something you'll want to get when ordering your flight tickets from
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disaster
  • Severe weather
  • Severe illness
  • Death of a traveling companion or family member
  • Disabling illness/medical condition that can be verified through a doctor within 72 hours of cancellation/interruption
  • You or a traveling companion are terminated or laid off from a company.Note: The termination and/or layoff cannot be your fault and you must have worked for this employer for at least three continuous years.
  • You are quarantined
  • Your travel is delayed by civil disorder or unrest
  • Your travel is delayed by a hijacking
  • You're involved in or delayed by a traffic accident
  • Your passports, money or other travel documents are lost or stolen.
    Note: This only applies your travel is delayed for at least 6 consecutive hours).
    The max claim is 150 dollars each day.