Costco Car Battery Review

Interstate car batteries have replaced the beloved Kirkland brand at your local Costco. Warranties of older Kirkland car batteries will still be honored and those stepping up to the plate to purchase an Interstate car battery will be pleasantly surprised to know the FREE replacement warranty period was extended from 3 years to 3.5 years.
The original Kirkland warranty was so generous at 100 months of coverage that a majority of customers brought in their battery within the return period. It is unfortunate that unlike the Kirkland battery, the Interstate battery does not have pro-rated warranty. This puts Costco sold batteries at a slight disadvantage from its competitors.
In order to save time and protect profits, it is my personal thought that Costco had to scrap the old Kirkland battery and its 100 month warranty as a cost savings measure. With an average livespan of 4 years and 8 months (based upon ConsumerPete data), one can see why Costco needed to scrap the Kirkland car battery.
Currently, an Interstate car battery will cost on average of 77.10 dollars, plus an additional 15 dollar core fee which is refundable upon the return of your old battery. It has been 2 years since Costco has rolled out the Interstate car battery at Costco and prices have remained relatively unchanged (in the Southern California area).
Interstate car battery are replaced for free for any failure within 42 months. This is a bit different than the Kirkland car battery warranty which provides coverage up to 100 months – a period of time that extends far past the expected life of the battery. Any failure within 3 years will entitle you to a full refund of the purchase price; after this period, you will be entitled to only a certain percentage of the purchase price as time progresses.
Based upon 78 data points provided by ConsumerPete readers, a Kirkland car battery on average will last 4 years and 8 months. Longer lasting Kirkland car batteries will provide 6 years of service and shorter lifespan batteries have been noted to provide only 2 years of starting power.
Early data is trickling in on the performance of Costco's Interstate car batteries. Some users have needed to exchange their battery at the 24 months and failures in colder climates have been noted at 12 months. As more data becomes available, we will have a better idea on how exactly the Interstate branded batteries will last.
Costco Interstate Battery Prices
Car battery failures are replaced for free within 42 months of the purchase date. Marine/RV and golf batteries are covered for 12 months.
If your Kirkland car battery recently died, note the lifespan of it at the bottom of this review so that we can continue providing useful data to ConsumerPete visitors.

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Bought a 100 month battery Oct. 2009 for my '03 Honda Accord V6. It's on its last month of warranty but still works fine. I heard the batteries Costco now sells are not as good, hence, the shorter warranty period.
Orthosprime in Seattle on 2/27/18
My Costco battery, when installed was dead and won't take a charge. last time I go to Costco!
Gary on 2/18/18
Just warranty replaced my Costco/Interstate #850241 auto battery for my '95 Saab 9000 after 33mos of service. Thing just decided to die with no advanced warning. Happy about the warranty but not the battery. Had much better luck with the Kirkland branded ones which lasted well beyond their warranty.
Jay/Seattle on 2/13/18
Just got the free replacement today for the Costco/Interstate 42-Month auto battery (850232). Mine lasted 30 months (from July 2015 to February 2018) before its 700 CCA struggled to turn over the vehicle. Went to Costco, exchanged the battery, they let me borrow some wrenches, and I replaced the battery myself on the spot.
Dean in Wichita on 2/5/18
2014 Kirkland battery, 2010 Toyota RAV4 4cyl. Group size 24F battery. Purchased July 23, 2014. Death day - Jan 31, 2018. Lifespan: 42 months and change. Will return for pro-rated warranty. Replaced with Interstate from Costco. Based on the construction of the battery, guessing Interstate produced the Kirkland batteries for Costco.
Steve on 2/2/18
Kirkland battery for 2008 Trailblazer (model # 12872) bought Jun 4, 2014. Time-of-death: Jan 22, 2018. Lifespan: 43 months.
mark on 1/23/18
I bought a car that had a brand new Costco battery in it and it is bad could I return it even though I didn't buy it or am I just stocked with a bad battery now
John moyers on 1/20/18
Interstate Battery purchased in Jan 2016, dead and failed in Jan 2018. Problem is you have to take it out and return when replacing or pay the extra $15 and make a second trip to return. Other option is to replace in parking lot at Costco. Not much fun whe its 0 outside!!!!!
Don on 1/14/18
60 months on a Kirkland battery (Group 35, # 12865) Installed 10/12, died 10/17.
Paolo from Ft. Washington, MD on 10/26/17
i bought a Kirkland 51 group battery for my 01 Civic on Oct/2012 and it required a longer cranking time to starting it around October 2017. I have always topped it up with fluid yearly so I was kinda of dissapointed it didnt last as long as my Honda OEM battery for 7 years. I have replaced it with the 42 mos Interstate ....Will see how long this will last.
Liam on 10/22/17
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Bought a 100 month battery Oct. 2009 for my '03 Honda Accord V6. It's on its last month of warranty but still works fine. I heard the batteries Costco now sells are not as good, hence, the shorter warranty period.
By Orthosprime in Seattle on 2/27/18