The History of the Kirkland Car Battery

The original Kirkland car battery had quite the reputation for its long lifespan and even longer warranty. With an average lifespan of 7 years along with a 100 month warranty, customers were pretty much guaranteed a percentage of their a pro-rated warranty credit. However, in order to preserve profits and its bottom line, it is my belief that Costco had to kick the Kirkland car battery out the door and replace it with the Interstate car battery.

Interstate Car Battery

Even though the Interstate battery doesn't have a 100 month pro-rated warranty and 3 year replacement warranty like the Kirkland battery, it has a slightly longer replacement warranty of 3.5 years. Unfortunately, it appears that Costco has "optimized" the warranty period so that people's car batteries will die outside the warranty period with no recourse.


With an average car battery price of $77.10, you're paying about 22 dollars a year for a car battery (this does not take into account the core fee because it's refundable when you turn in your old battery). Using this annual cost metric under warranty can be used to determine if competing batteries are priced lower than Costco. It has been a few years since Costco has rolled out the Interstate car battery at Costco and prices have remained relatively unchanged (in the Southern California area).


Based upon 78 data points provided by ConsumerPete readers, the original Kirkland car battery lasted on average approximately 4 years and 8 months. Longer lasting Kirkland car batteries provided 6 years of service, and shorter lifespan batteries have been noted to provide only 2 years of starting power.

Early data is trickling in on the performance of the Costco Interstate car battery. Some users have needed to exchange their battery at the 24 months and failures in colder climates, and others have noted 12 months. As more data becomes available, we will have a better idea on how exactly the Interstate branded batteries will last. If your Kirkland car battery recently died, note the lifespan of it at the bottom of this review so that we can continue providing useful data to ConsumerPete visitors.