Costco Car Battery Review

The original Kirkland car battery warranty provided 100 months of coverage. At 8 years and 4 months, the pro-rated warranty was so generous, that a majority of customers brought in their battery within the warranty period. In order to preserve profits and its bottom line, it is my strong belief that Costco was forced to replace the Kirkland battery with the Interstate branded battery.
Interstate car battery are replaced for free for any failure within 42 months. This is a bit different than the Kirkland car battery warranty which provides coverage up to 100 months – a period of time that extends far past the expected life of the battery. Any failure within 3 years will entitle you to a full refund of the purchase price; after this period, you will be entitled to only a certain percentage of the purchase price as time progresses.
To date, an Interstate car battery will cost on average of 77.10 dollars, plus an additional 15 dollar core fee which is refundable upon the return of your old battery. It has been 2 years since Costco has rolled out the Interstate car battery at Costco and prices have remained relatively unchanged (in the Southern California area).
Based upon 78 data points provided by ConsumerPete readers, a Kirkland car battery on average will last 4 years and 8 months. Longer lasting Kirkland car batteries will provide 6 years of service and shorter lifespan batteries have been noted to provide only 2 years of starting power.
Early data is trickling in on the performance of Costco's Interstate car batteries. Some users have needed to exchange their battery at the 24 months and failures in colder climates have been noted at 12 months. As more data becomes available, we will have a better idea on how exactly the Interstate branded batteries will last.
If your Kirkland car battery recently died, note the lifespan of it at the bottom of this review so that we can continue providing useful data to ConsumerPete visitors.

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33 months Interstate battery on 2004 Honda, bought 10/2015 replaced 7/2018. Not pleased.
Reggie on 7/24/18
Bought a Kirkland battery 7/12 it died 6/18; 71 months of usage. Went to Costco today for a replacement Group 35 battery, and had forgotten about the 100 month warranty. The tech quoted me a price of $74.99 for a new battery less $20 for my warranted old battery for a grand total of $54.99 less tax for the new battery. I am more than happy with the performance of the old Kirkland battery warranty or not. Just hope the new is half as good
Cal on 6/22/18
Bought Costco Interstate Battery December 2017. It will not hold a charge. It seems as if Interstate is giving returned or batteries that have been reconditioned to Costco. How can a battery 3 months old not hold a charge. Group 24F. This is the worst battery I have owned. Save yourself a headache and don't buy Interstate batteries from Costco
Pat in New Jersey on 3/30/18
Bought a 100 month battery Oct. 2009 for my '03 Honda Accord V6. It's on its last month of warranty but still works fine. I heard the batteries Costco now sells are not as good, hence, the shorter warranty period.
Orthosprime in Seattle on 2/27/18
My Costco battery, when installed was dead and won't take a charge. last time I go to Costco!
Gary on 2/18/18
Just warranty replaced my Costco/Interstate #850241 auto battery for my '95 Saab 9000 after 33mos of service. Thing just decided to die with no advanced warning. Happy about the warranty but not the battery. Had much better luck with the Kirkland branded ones which lasted well beyond their warranty.
Jay/Seattle on 2/13/18
Just got the free replacement today for the Costco/Interstate 42-Month auto battery (850232). Mine lasted 30 months (from July 2015 to February 2018) before its 700 CCA struggled to turn over the vehicle. Went to Costco, exchanged the battery, they let me borrow some wrenches, and I replaced the battery myself on the spot.
Dean in Wichita on 2/5/18
2014 Kirkland battery, 2010 Toyota RAV4 4cyl. Group size 24F battery. Purchased July 23, 2014. Death day - Jan 31, 2018. Lifespan: 42 months and change. Will return for pro-rated warranty. Replaced with Interstate from Costco. Based on the construction of the battery, guessing Interstate produced the Kirkland batteries for Costco.
Steve on 2/2/18
Kirkland battery for 2008 Trailblazer (model # 12872) bought Jun 4, 2014. Time-of-death: Jan 22, 2018. Lifespan: 43 months.
mark on 1/23/18
I bought a car that had a brand new Costco battery in it and it is bad could I return it even though I didn't buy it or am I just stocked with a bad battery now
John moyers on 1/20/18
Interstate Battery purchased in Jan 2016, dead and failed in Jan 2018. Problem is you have to take it out and return when replacing or pay the extra $15 and make a second trip to return. Other option is to replace in parking lot at Costco. Not much fun whe its 0 outside!!!!!
Don on 1/14/18
60 months on a Kirkland battery (Group 35, # 12865) Installed 10/12, died 10/17.
Paolo from Ft. Washington, MD on 10/26/17
i bought a Kirkland 51 group battery for my 01 Civic on Oct/2012 and it required a longer cranking time to starting it around October 2017. I have always topped it up with fluid yearly so I was kinda of dissapointed it didnt last as long as my Honda OEM battery for 7 years. I have replaced it with the 42 mos Interstate ....Will see how long this will last.
Liam on 10/22/17
In July 2012 I bought a Kirkland 25-640 (Costco item # 12870, price $65.89 + core & tax) for a 2002 Acura CL (3.2L V6). It lasted over 5 years until this past week (October 2017). I've just replaced it with an Interstate 25-550 (Costco item # 852231, price $71.99 + core & tax). Fingers crossed it'll last as long as the Kirkland battery.
Rob S in TX on 10/17/17
Interstate 850242 purchased from Costco and installed on 3/3/15. Engine wouldn't start on 11/14/17.
RC on 10/15/17
Kirkland Group 35 lasted from September of 2011 until October of 2017. Looks like 73 months of a 100 month prorated warranty for a 2001 Camry. Previously had a Kirkland Group 35 in a 2001 Subaru Forester that lasted approximately 9 years. I'm happy with Costco.
Anita Mintz on 10/15/17
Kirkland battery purchased in October 2013 for my 2006 Subaru Legacy wagon manual transmission lasted 4 years to the day in Sacramento CA. Was supposed to be a 100 month warranty and Costco honored the prorate schedule of 50% back. Purchased one of these new Interstates with the 42 month warranty, hope it wasn't a mistake. Guy at the counter claimed "the old Kirklands were Interstates too, they've just changed the warranty and label"
LP on 10/12/17
I've got a 13 year old Kirkland battery in my 1991 F-150. Still works fine, wish I could buy another.
J Ward on 9/28/17
Kirkland battery in an 08 Mazda 5 lasted 5 trouble free years.
Sean in CA on 9/26/17
83 months on Kirkland 2001 Toyota Camry
Ann in Albuquerque, NM on 8/30/17 on 8/30/17
Hi Ed, I purchased an interstate battery for my suburban in June 4th 2016. Model # 850263 CCA 800 42 Month Warranty Free it read on battery. It is August 21, 2017 and the battery is having a hard time starting on initial start in morning. I hooked a charger up to it for overnight charge at 2 Amp charge and next morning it started fine. The following day it was back to having a hard time starting again. Going back to Costco with it today.
JW on 8/21/17
I just bought 2 RV/Marine group 24 Interstate batteries from Costco. I asked the guy in the Tire and Battery area to charge the batteries and check the specific gravity. Guess what......the don't have ability to check the S.G or charge battery. The guy said the sticker on each battery said it was charged a month ago. After purchase, at home, I found them 95% charged and most cells were low on fluid. So.....make sure you check battery after purchase.
Steve in Redding on 8/19/17
Purchased an Interstate Group 23 (24F) battery from Costco in September 2016. On 8/8/2017, the car couldn't start. Measured the battery voltage at 2.99 volts. Returned to the Costco auto center and wanted a replacement. However, their new return policy is to return batteries to the customer service returns department and get a refund instead of an exchange. The new policy causes the customer to wait on two different lines before getting the new battery. Will be getting my batteries from other stores and stay away from Interstate batteries!
Battery Dead in Less Than A Year on 8/9/17
44 months on a Kirkland. 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe.
Joe in Riverside, CA on 7/24/17
Kirkland battery Item #12870 Group 25 , CA @32, 840 CCA just finally died after 9.5 years. mfr date 12/07. Car was used in CA mild climate first 5 years on daily basis, but last 4 years very little. Distilled water was occasionally added to "Maintenance Free" battery through removable vent covers as needed and terminals were cleaned every couple years. Only 1 cell seems to have visual sulfate buildup on plates, but voltage drops to 10vdc. Battery says 100 month limited warranty, 36 month free replacement. Good value, but don't expect the same from Interstate "maintenance free" battery with no access to add water or visually inpect cells.
TQ on 6/27/17
Interstate battery purchased @ Costco 9/20/16 for Nissan Altima 4 cyl. Erratic starting caused us to test battery showing CCA400 or less. Replaced today 6/26/17. Costco exchanged for free. Was advised these failures are becoming common since production has moved to South of the Border.
Tristan Phoenix Arizona 6/26/17 on 6/27/17
Interstate battery purchased for Altima 4cyl on 9/26/16 @ Costco. Recent unreliable starting, tested and showing 400 CCA, replaced today 6/26/17 for no charge. Was advised to expect shorter life as production has been shifted to South of the Border and early failures becoming quite common.
Tristan Phoenix Arizona 6/26/17 on 6/27/17
I just replaced my Kirkland 100 month battery which lasted 46 mo (3 yr, 8 mo). It had replaced a previous Kirkland 100 month battery which lasted 38 mo (3 yr, 2 mo). I just installed an Interstate 850263 42 month battery. The nice thing about Costco replacement policy is that if you don't have the receipt, they just look up your purchase with your membership number regardless of how you paid for it. Sweet! The replacement process was simple and hassle-free.
John L - Fresno CA on 6/9/17
Kirkland battery on my Ford F150 failed at 12 months. Kirkland battery on Dodge Caravan is also 12 months old and is deteriorating ahead of its time. Think I'll try Walmart Maxx next.
James-Nova Scotia on 5/16/17
Purchased six 850982 27DC Interstate Marine batteries on 2/6/15 for my boat. All still working fine but they are also on a constant trickle charge. I replace my boat batteries about every 3-4 years so at $78.99 each its worth it.
Scott on 5/11/17
2009 Honda Van battery just died. Replaced the original one about 2013 with Kirkland brand. It lasted 4 yrs 4 months. Had a 2006 CRV and the Kirklands battery failed one week short of the warranty expiring. Costco replaced free of charge.
P. Ray on 4/29/17
Costco Interstate battery # 850232 bought 9/29/15 failed on 4/27/17 - only 19 months service in a 2010 Toyota Sienna. Second Costco battery in a row failing in less than 2 years.
Ron P on 4/28/17
Around 2014 I returned a failed 2 yr old Kirtland Battery from my wifes Camry that left her stranded when I was on a business trip. They refunded my orig price but charged me amother core charge towards the replacement battery. I understand the reason for the core charge since i used to sell car batteries at a service station but thought Costco should waive the fee for customers that fell victim to a poor quality product. This was BS from my perspective! I questioned this policy to their sevice center today and he said I wouldn't need to pay another core but not sure if this is really the case. Probably a better question gor their returns counter staff. Has this happened to others too?
Mike K on 4/14/17
As recommended, I purchased a Fitment Code 23 battery for my Toyota RAV4. As it turned out the battery is not a true direct replacement. It is longer than the factory battery that it replaced, and while it still fit in the plastic tray, I could not install the insulated plastic jacket that surrounded the factory battery. It was also taller than the factory battery, as a result the hold down bolt was too short. The installation had to be reworked to accommodate the taller battery. Price and performance are excellent.
Al A on 4/13/17
Bought a Kirkland battery for my 2002 Saturn Vue in January 2014. Replaced under warranty April 2014. Need to replace the battery again (bad cell) April 2017. Just getting in under the warranty again.
Mike in NYC on 4/3/17
I am on the second dead Interstate battery. The whole batch of stock from Interstates are likely defective. There problem holding charge. If you use your car everyday. You are good. It dead when left for few days. This is no good. I would expect newer battery to keep charge for months. It appears to me that Interstate is dumping pile of bad battery to Costco.
ana on 3/16/17
I just purchased an interstate 51R battery for my 2008 Honda Civic from Costco this morning. It had a stamp on it 02–2017 so apparently it is a new battery. Ben from Southern California
Ben on 3/15/17
Your average is so true! My Kirkland battery is dying now exactly 4 years and 8 months after purchase. Used on a Honda Accord 1994 in San Diego.
San Diego resident on 3/10/17
I purchased a Costco Battery in February of 2013 and it is failing in February of 2017. 1 of the 6 cells is dead and prevents good cranking operation. It was a 875 cranking amps with 700 cold crank amps. I viewed the Interstate batteries and they are a bunch of crap and will never use them again. They fail during their warranty period in order to get you to keep buying their product through a partial refund on the remaining life of the former battery. There was an additional note about the limited warranty Costco posted below the batteries that stated something about correct battery size to the specs of the OEM battery recommendations by the car manufacturer. If a battery is purchased too high above the OEM battery, then Costco will further limit the warranty. That is junk. Interstate batteries perform poorly in Colorado from my location due to cold weather. I will never buy one of their batteries, ever again. Exide was not much better. Johnson and Douglas batteries are the better performers, and I don't know how the others like Duracell will hold up. Thank you.
Bill Schaefer on 3/4/17
Bought a Interstate battery in January 2017 from Costco for Acura MDX. First trip to snow this past weekend and car sensors went nuts (ABS, traction control, trailer stability). Those are features that are nice to have functioning on icy roads. Turns out it was a voltage issue. So the battery is only a month old and can't maintain enough current to function properly in 15-20 degree weather. Not impressed.
JJ on 2/28/17
Kirkland battery for my Accord died after exactly 5 years. Going to Costco tomorrow. Still not quite sold on the Interstate ones.
Adesh - Concord on 2/20/17
Kirkland Group 34 battery - 66 month life span
Jim - Fresno CA on 2/15/17
I'm on my second Costco Interstate battery in 3 months due to battery failure. My car won't engage the starter if the battery voltage is below a certain level and I have been stranded twice so far with this second battery and four times with the first. To my surprise, I just discovered that two relatives have had the exact same problem with their Costco batteries. With this said, I'm looking around the internet to see if others are experiencing the same issues.
Joe Webb on 1/18/17
just went to the local Costco store to purchase two group 27 batts for my 01 dodge diesel pickup. the sales clerk tried to sell me the group 124 which carries a fitment code of 27, ...not the same! smaller battery, less storage capacity,lower cranking ability,however he insisted that this is the right one.the final straw was that he said, well I'm not going to argue with you. Then he stated that these batteries come fully charged and do not need to be charged before use. As a retired electrical engineer who spent the better part of 40 years installing and maintaining backup, storage, and UPS systems, I know this not to be true! All batteries must be freshened before being put into service. e
johnboy on 1/17/17
Kirkland batteries have never failed to last at least six or seven years in the Boston MA area. I used them twice in my 2000 Ford F150 Lariat 4X4; in my daughter's 2008 CR-V 4x4; and in my wife's 2010 CR-V 4x4 (we live on a steep hill and endure snow, ice and slippery roads every winter). I am sorry to see Costco switch to Interstate; and I'll watch the performance of a fairly new Interstate battery in my Lawn Tractor.
J Sechovicz on 1/15/17
Interstate battery for a 2007 Honda van lasted 34 months. From prior replacements the old branded battery lasted longer. Had one last 8 years in a GMC pickup.
TJ Phoenix AZ on 1/13/17
Just replaced my 2 group 78 Kirkland batteries in my 07 Silverado 2500HD diesel truck. They were 37 months old and I was refunded the full purchase price which covered replacement Interstate Batteries.
Del Perras on 1/12/17
I haven't had great luck with Kirkland or Interstate. I've had 2 or 3 Kirkland batteries and each have lasted about 2 years. About 26 months ago, I traded out my Kirkland for an Interstate, which lasted 26 months. All in all, I can't complain because I've only had to buy one battery in the last 6-7 years, and at that time it only cost about $70. If the prices increases between the time you buy your battery and when you have to replace it, Costco covers the price difference. Viva la Costco!
Brad on 1/12/17
Jusr turned in a Kirkland battery dated 12/08...8 yrs old...and the vehicle sets a lot. If the new Interstate battery lasts as long, I'll be happy
Steve on 1/10/17
My Kirkland lasted 53 months, 47 months prorated, hope my interstate lasts at least that long #850232 24F700
Joe on 1/10/17