The 36 month lease on my Chevy Volt was up. Faced with a cracked windshield, I had to decide whether to replace it with OEM glass at the cost of 800 dollars or 300 for an aftermarket equivalent.
Note: Ally Financial leased vehicles are not resold at the dealer where they were leased at. Instead, their cars go to auction. This is great news for those in a similar situation with windshield damaged because when you car is at auction, it is under less scrutiny than the dealer. Note: This assumes you have not abused your car and forced the duster to nitpick the heck our of your returned vehicle.
If you lease is managed my your local dealer, my suggestion is to just go with non-OEM glass replacement with and ensure that they will replace your glass with OEM if the dealer rejects your car for having non-OEM glass. Note: You'll have to return your car before the lease return period to ensure that if there are any hiccups, you can have the class replaced with its OEM version.
If you have a car leased through Ally Financial, I hope my experience will save you a couple bucks!