Lifestyle Solutions Bedroom Set with Dressers

Per "Consumer Pete's" review, we emailed "Lifestyle Solutions" (read below) and will keep everyone posted:
We purchased a bedroom set a few months ago and are now trying to install the 220 Mirror frame on the dresser, but the instructions are physically impossible.
It shows 8 screws: two at the top of the mirror, two screwed into the bottom of the mirror, two in the top of the dresser at the rear and two in the center of the dresser (approximately). The drawings are totally inaccurate relative to the dimensions shown and the locations each screw is supposed to attach to.
The holes drilled into the two mirror braces don't line up in either the "portrait" or the "landscape" position as shown in the assembly instructions. The holes that were pre-drilled for two of the four hooks are miss-drilled so the hooks are basically useless.
Do you have new instructions (possibly?) that can resolve this problem of trying to install the mirror on the back of the dresser (portrait position) so that it is safe and secure? The instructions literally would have me trying to attach 4 screws through the pre-drilled holes in the two braces
directly into the back of the mirror!~ and the two bottom screws drilled into the light-weight backing on the rear of the dresser (we measured the distance between the solid portions of wood that are part of the dresser back construction and they don't line up with the mirror's two brace attachments (going down past the top of the dresser). This doesn't make sense, because that is exactly where the two braces should be attached for a solid support.
None of the 6 screws that act as dresser connections and supports can be used the way the assembly instructions say they are supposed to go in place.
Dave & Tina, Ventura, Ca. 93001 (805) 643-5929
SKU : 219-220-027-42
Code: 220PI-MFR-CP
Model : 220 PI (factory code T)

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It's Friday evening and Tina reminded me to check if "Lifestyle Solutions" had responded to our email... OF COURSE NOT! I didn't think they would after reading the other reviews, but that is the nature of business today. Send your product specs to China and don't bother to quality control the finished product because the consumer is getting it so cheaply the should be ashamed of themselves... :) I purchased a fishing rod holder that was supposedly designed to hold 16 rods and reels and I'd almost bought a similar product from West Marine for twice the cost. Well I've always had great customer service with Amazon so I rolled the dice... What a joke. The cheapest excuse for a wood rack rod holder ever created and the pilot holes and dowel pin holes were all drilled incorrectly or too big. Total fiasco. I guess we screwed ourselves because finding well made products that are reasonable is long gone! Dave & Tina
Dave & Tina on 3/10/12
Hi Dave & Tina, Thanks for keeping me in the loop on this one!
ConsumerPete on 3/6/12