Milan Euro Lounger Review

The Milan Euro Lounger is Lifestyle Solutions latest product to hit the floors of your local Costco and is a relatively decent successor to the Ravenna Euro Lounger. The build quality of the Milan is solid and the features that stand out are its machined legs, performance upholstery and ability to transform into one of four configurations.
From a stylistic point of view, the Milan doesn't convey the same contemporary/loft styling that the Ravenna Euro Lounger does. Rather, the Milan seems that it better fits in an psychologist office or in an accounting firm. If you're looking for an inexpensive Euro Lounger, you will not be let down by Lifestyle Solutions Milan Euro Lounger.
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Hi Agnes, I don't think Costco will drop the price lower than what one could get with the coupon. I believe the price was increased to raise the manufacturer's profit margin as well accommodate $100 off coupon.
ConsumerPete on 9/29/12
Hi there. so i remember the milan lounger used to be $399 and currently they have the belize for $699 with a $100 off coupon at Costco. Do you think they will drop the price or why they raised it so much? Can't decide if I should buy it now or not.
Agnes on 9/23/12
Just bought this last week at Costco. I love it. Putting the frame together was not hard to follow with instructions. The price was great great buy for the money very well made and comfy
Bonnie on 8/11/12
Hi SooMin! The successor to the Milan euro lounger is the Vienna. You can read more about it here.
ConsumerPete on 2/9/12
I want to know where I can buy this Costco doesn't have it anymore :( Thanks for your help
SooMin Ryou on 2/6/12
Do you know where I can buy this Milan euro lounger because Coctco is sold out of them?
Joe Ciciotte on 9/8/11
Do you know where I can buy this....cosco is sold out of them???? Thanks.
Gustavo Gonzalez on 8/30/11