I purchased this great looking pillow-top euro lounger (by Lifestyle Solutions) at the local Costco this weekend. Upon assembly, I noticed that the parts and hardware kit was not included with the product packaging. Optimistically, I flipped over the box inside and out over-and-over, hoping that the hardware kit would magically appear, but it didn’t – very disappointing.

I called the 800 number printed on the outside of the box and left a message with my phone number and description of my current situation. Though, rather than waiting for someone to call me back, I decided to call the headquarters listed on their website, hoping that they would want to make a customer happy by not having me return the opened product back to Costco.

Initially, I was forwarded to some female who I said hello to. She wasn’t even paying attention. I heard her mumbling through her emails thinking that she would initiate speaking to me after my greeting. Rather than getting some customer service, I got hung up on. Note: I don’t think she intentionally meant to hang up, because she wasn’t even paying attention to what was going on.

I call back a 2nd time and got forwarded to an automated message that hangs up when it’s finished playing.

The 3rd time, I get a female to answer the phone (she’s probably the one who unintentionally hung up on me on my first call). In her elitist tone of voice she tells me that I need to email customerservice@lifestylesolutions.com. I ask her if she could just take down my information and enter it into their system, she says that I need to go the email route.

So, after my most delightful phone call, I submit my request to customerservice@lifestylesolutions.com and get an email later that afternoon telling me I need to wait 7-10 days.

7-10 days for a bag of nuts, washers, and bolts? Say what?? I’ll just pay 5 bucks for shipping so I can get the legs put on my newly purchased lounger.

What I really want to do right now is to purchase the same lounger, take out the hardware kit in the parking lot, and then return it back to Costco so that Lifestyle Solutions has to deal with selling a return. Though, as of now, I’ll wait the 7-10 days. If I don’t get a hardware kit, I’m definitely planning on doing a switcheroo in the parking lot.

Costco, you really need to perform more quality control with the vendors that sell through your stores – please.