Lifestyle Solutions Customer Service is Nonexistent

I purchased this great looking pillow-top euro lounger (by Lifestyle Solutions) at the local Costco this weekend. Upon assembly, I noticed that the parts and hardware kit was not included with the product packaging. Optimistically, I flipped over the box inside and out over-and-over, hoping that the hardware kit would magically appear, but it didn’t – very disappointing.

I called the 800 number printed on the outside of the box and left a message with my phone number and description of my current situation. Though, rather than waiting for someone to call me back, I decided to call the headquarters listed on their website, hoping that they would want to make a customer happy by not having me return the opened product back to Costco.

Initially, I was forwarded to some female who I said hello to. She wasn’t even paying attention. I heard her mumbling through her emails thinking that she would initiate speaking to me after my greeting. Rather than getting some customer service, I got hung up on. Note: I don’t think she intentionally meant to hang up, because she wasn’t even paying attention to what was going on.

I call back a 2nd time and got forwarded to an automated message that hangs up when it’s finished playing.

The 3rd time, I get a female to answer the phone (she’s probably the one who unintentionally hung up on me on my first call). In her elitist tone of voice she tells me that I need to email I ask her if she could just take down my information and enter it into their system, she says that I need to go the email route.

So, after my most delightful phone call, I submit my request to and get an email later that afternoon telling me I need to wait 7-10 days.

7-10 days for a bag of nuts, washers, and bolts? Say what?? I’ll just pay 5 bucks for shipping so I can get the legs put on my newly purchased lounger.

What I really want to do right now is to purchase the same lounger, take out the hardware kit in the parking lot, and then return it back to Costco so that Lifestyle Solutions has to deal with selling a return. Though, as of now, I’ll wait the 7-10 days. If I don’t get a hardware kit, I’m definitely planning on doing a switcheroo in the parking lot.

Costco, you really need to perform more quality control with the vendors that sell through your stores – please.

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Looks like CostCo is carrying this item again! I have a queen size bed in a small home office and the bed takes up the whole room. I'm going to replace the guest bed with this euro lounger, so I can get my office back! That has been the plan since I noticed this euro lounger about two years ago at CostCo - Now, It's Back and it might be time to make my move (Feb 2013). Pete - I read the comments from start to finish and I'm glad to see you came full circle since your first comment! I was ready to throw in the towel on this item, but it sounds like your thoughts have changed a bit over the years and it sounds like you are happy with it. Your comments obviously mean a lot to readers like us, interested in purchasing this item from CostCo. Thank you!
Camsters SD on 2/7/13
Hi Donna, You should definitely go out and purchase the Vienna Euro Lounger from your local Costco. It's a solid product with great modern styling.
ConsumerPete on 7/26/12
I am debating whether to purchase this product from my local Costco, however, after reading these reviews,I am undecided. To all who posted a negative review, in all fairness to Costco, you should let them know of the challenges that you have been experiencing. Otherwise, how would they know. In my experience, Costco will always make it right!
Donna on 7/24/12
Ended up on the same way. No response to my phone calls, and even to my emails. I do not understand why established businesses behave like a con artists. Or may be this is just another way to enhance profit: calculate the customer service in the price and not to provide it.
Gyula Varadi on 9/17/11
i purchased thisitem and the tools and legs are in a zipped compartment underneath the seat. thats what you are looking for
j.whittingham on 8/21/11
your hardware is located in a rounded zipper pocket underneath the sofa.
Derek on 7/25/11
Had the same question and frustration. In a very remote part of instructions it explained a secret zipper pocket under the sofa.and "presto" legs and hardware! After a frustrating 40 minute endeavor to put on the legs.( the inset nuts in the sofa where not centered or were off set to the wood. I had to shave the area of the wood with a 1/4 drill bit for the bolts to center and screw in!. After getting the f****** legs on I lifted the chaise portion of the sofa and I cannot find anywhere on instructions to release it. Uuuuuunbelievable poor craftmanship, construction and customer service. I am recommending Costco pulling any product from this company!
Bob on 6/11/11
I had the same problem. No feet included with the product. After getting no one on the phone at all whatsoever I went the email route. I got a response within minutes asking for a phone number where I could be reached to discuss the missing pieces. Good Luck!!
Tris on 2/9/11
Hi Mary, I've actually never slept on my Ravenna Lounger. The Baja Convert-A-Couch Sofa Bed seems more fitting if it needs to serve as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. The Ravenna Lounger doesn't give you that nice comfy feeling that you get when sitting in a sofa. If you're going to use the Ravenna Lounger mainly to sleep, it looks like it will hold up longer than the Baja Convert-A-Couch Sofa Bed. Also, the Ravenna Lounger can transform into a couple different configurations, whereas the the Baja Convert-A-Couch Sofa Bed can act as only as a sofa and bed.
ConsumerPete on 2/4/11
To those of you that have had the lounger for several months, how is it to sleep on? Do you have any issues where the splt is between the top and bottom panels. Does it lose it's cushion after several months of sleeping or sitting? I am also looking at one that is similar at Walmart - Baja Convert-A-Couch Sofa Bed, Black $369 & Atherton Home Manhattan Convertible Futon Sofa Bed and Lounger, Black $259 I was thinking that if the ravenna was a costco item and was nearly $400 it would probably be a better piece of furniture than an item at walmart...however that assumption could be wrong.
Mary on 1/31/11
yeh zipper pocket is right under the right side seat
talha on 12/31/10
I just bought it from Costco a few days after Christmas. You are absolutely right! - and the zipper pocket is right under the right side seat! I went back to the warehouse looking for the hardware and it was in the seat all along! Hopefully you have the same luck finding it and its a bummer you wasted your time with the company. It has a solid build and Costco definitely has good customer service with the furniture they sell since they get to play/assemble the store model :)
Happy! on 12/28/10
@Joe C - I'll do some research and see if any other places are selling the euro lounger. @Dann S - You can call (877) 693-8866 and ask to speak with someone from customer server. Also, you could try emailing them at Don't forget to save all of your emails and to document your phone calls. Such information will be vital should you need to take any legal recourse in the future!
ConsumerPete on 8/24/10
ok. can anyone tell me how to get a hold of the company? last week the spring popped under the couch which made a nasty rip on the fabric at the bottom. I like the couch. I don't want a refund .. just a replacement
Dann S on 8/23/10
I really like this sofa but Costco is now sold-out and without plans to bring it back...any ideas on where I can purchase this sofa? Thank you
Joe C on 8/18/10
Hi Ian, The bed can definately be made into a double. I don't have the instructions with me, but the Ravenna Lounger can transform into a couple different configurations (I think 4 if my memory serves me correct). -Pete
ConsumerPete on 8/12/10
Hi I would like to know if the bed can be made into a double, by the back folding down, or is it just a single? Thanks in advacnce for your help Ian
Ian on 8/12/10
Hi Sam, Visually, the lounger looks fantastic and I love the contemporary styling. The structural quality of the Ravenna lounger is also very solid. If I could improve one characteristic of this piece, I would add a bit more padding to in the cushions since I don't think it's comfortable enough for lengthy sitting periods. For longer sitting periods, I would suggest adding some pillows for arm support and a microfiber throw would give the lounger a bit of plushness to it. -Pete
ConsumerPete on 7/19/10
Hi I saw this sofa in Costco today and liked it, Than the assembling issue, how is the sofa overall
Sam on 7/19/10
Pete, I hope this has been resolved. But so you know, Costco would have gladly just replaced the sofa or given you the hardware out of another one.....they are very good about things like that. THey have no qualms sending the manufacturer the partial item back. They've done for me on the office furniture I got there. Just FYI,
Jody on 6/29/10
I just bought this sofa and my husband found the legs and screws under the sofa in a zipper pocket. I like the sofa and a very nice fit for my spare room.. It’s comfy enough for now.
Carlene on 6/22/10
Chuck, The lounger is not that comfortable. I mainly purchased it to fill up space in a room that that I use as my home office. The lounger matches very well with my glass desk that is framed in black metal.
ConsumerPete on 6/22/10
Sorry you had the trouble with the company. I saw this lounger at Costco today and am thinking about buying it. Apart from the washers issue, how do you like the actual piece of furniture? Comfortable? Would you recommend it? Thanks ...Check
Chuck on 6/9/10
Hi Joe, Unfortunately, I never got this resolved. My final response from their support person was "Pete, after further research of the Raveena lounger does not have any contents of the washers for this lounger." I just stopped by my local Lowe's to pickup some washers.
ConsumerPete on 6/2/10
Did you get this resolved? The parts are in a zipper pocket integral with the bottom of the sofa. Figure you looked there, but since you didn’t mention looking there...
Joe on 6/1/10
Hi Greg, The name of the euro lounger is called the Ravenna.
ConsumerPete on 3/18/10
ahhh, i wanted this but costco doesnt have it any more. can you tell me the lifestyle solution model name??? i cannot find this thing anywhere!!!
greg on 3/5/10
Unfortunately I am still waiting for the hardware to come in. I will send an update when I finally get my hardware kit from Lifestyle Solutions.
ConsumerPete on 1/28/10
What's the update on this situation?
Jules on 1/25/10