Lowe's Re-Packaged a Returned Product as New

Purchased a new Bosch jigsaw at Lowe's Home Improvement to cut some wood paneling. The boxed product was enclosed in 2 plastic bands to prevent tampering and was 20 bucks off its regular price (national markdown). As I unboxed and removed the jigsaw, I had a mini plume of sawdust fly into my face. It was apparent that someone previously used a returned the jigsaw -- sawdust and all.
After driving 20 minutes back to the store, the customer service center had 4 people standing around with no customers in line only to wait 3 minutes for a dull and unattentive employee (or what Lowe's likes to call an "Ambasador") to assist me.
Lowe's, thanks for wasting my time and subjecting me to your underpaid and unmotivated staff.

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