Sold as an "improvement," Stubs is a cynical fraud. Here's my letter to AMC. It elicited a form-letter response that has cost AMC my loyalty. There's a Century Theatre nearby. My letter: As an inveterate movie junkie who has accumulated more than a thousand points on my MovieWatcher card (#209732676), I am dismayed that you are attempting to sell Stubs as an improvement. Stubs is in fact such a bad deal, relatively speaking, that I will no longer have much of an incentive to choose AMC over other theaters in the area. For starters, Stubs makes your customers pay your exorbitant price for a small popcorn in order to get a free upgrade to the next size. This is a really lousy deal, the moreso because you eliminated free popcorn on Wednesdays as well as the occasional free small-popcorn coupon based on points. Ditto for your exorbitantly priced beverages. And you are no longer awarding reward points when tickets have been purchased with Silver or Gold discount coupons. That is your prerogative, and I understand the boost it will give to your bottom line. But please don’t expect your most loyal customers to be pleased with the change, nor to be thrilled at the prospect of paying $12 to retain membership no matter how much they spend at AMC. Please note as well that at least one of your competitors that I am aware of, the Century chain, allows the use of discount coupons during the first two weeks of a movie’s run. While it is obvious that Stubs was conceived primarily to boost margins in the only area where movie theaters appear to be making money – i.e. the refreshment stand – it was disingenuous for you to obfuscate that fact via the “new-and-improved” rollout you gave Stubs. Yes, it’s a shame that movie exhibitors’ deals with the studios have devolved to the point where theaters can make money only by charging ridiculous prices for popcorn, candy and soda. But don’t think you can continue to get away with jacking your prices, effectively, by implementing programs like Stubs. My response, and I expect that of many others, will be to make certain that I have fully satisfied my hunger and thirst before I go to the theater. For those of your customers who don’t mind paying $8 or more for popcorn, you had better serve them the highest quality refreshments possible. You might start by switching back to real butter instead of whatever sickening (to me at least, on several occasions) yellow chemical pours from your counter dispensers. Also, candy boxes that are packaged half-empty will increasingly