EZ Moves Furniture Slides is a fantastic product that helps you move furniture yourself. No longer must you rely on flaky friends, crazed family members, or crabby co-workers to help you move or rearrange furniture!

I stumbled across this product at my local Sherwin Williams and figured what the heck; for 10 bucks, the worse case scenario would have netted me a new set of beverage coasters or ninja stars depending on your perspective.

The EZ Moves Furniture Slides product comes with a set of 4 moving tiles. One side is composed of very smooth plastic and the other is covered of foam so your furniture doesn't slip off while in transit.

This product is super easy to use. Lift up one side of your furniture, slip a tile on each leg, and repeat on the other size. Once your furniture is on these moving tiles, you're ready to start your movin!

Note: If the piece of furniture that you're moving is heavy and it has legs, I suggest that you push as low to the legs as possible so that you don't put any extra strain on the legs of your furniture. Make sure you don't bump into any walls when doing this!