Like you Pete, I've been a MovieWatcher member for a very long time and I used to go to AMC theaters on a regular basis; weekends and many times take advantage of the free popcorn Wednesdays. I would of course buy drinks for our free pop-corns so overall AMC would make some profit. I wasn't aware of the $6 cost for the Stubs card but I don't believe I would pay for that either. I received the Stubs card for free which just expired. Sufice to say, I am not paying for this service.
When I found out that AMC was getting rid of the MovieWatcher program I was disappointed to say the least. I can tell you that I have been to the movies much less since and except for the first time, every time I've been to the movies I haven't used the Stubs card. It really doesn't seem like I would get any benefit from it. Now I have no loyalty as to what theater I go to. I used to drive the extra mile to go to an AMC theater because of the MovieWatcher program but now I don't. There is a new Harkins theater close to us and that is where we go now when we want to go watch a movie.
Since stubs was implemented we decided to watch movies at home instead. We purchased a projector and can now stream or play DVDs at home so now we don't really go to the movies much.