Nero BackItUp & Burn

Nero BackItUp & Burn does not support the burning of files larger than 2 gigabytes even though their website states that it supports the UDF format. When I contacted Nero support to let them know I was getting an error when I was backing up large files, they gave me the run-around and stated that this was due to ‘compatibility’ issues and provided no further assistance.

Do yourself a favor, and get yourself a free and legitimate DVD/CD burning application called ImgBurn. It is free and and support the burning of all files both large and small with out any ‘compatibility’ issues.

Don’t trust these shysters at Nero or their products. They are not worth your time or hard-earned dollars.

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I'm still using Nero 6 and it works fine haha
Rac3r on 1/18/10
Another sad instance of a corporation putting the bottom line before their customers. When will they learn that service like this will not go unnoticed?
Consumer Bob on 1/13/10